Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Light or Darkness?

Do you ever have one of those days in which you just can't anymore? Can't pretend, can't think, can't read yet another one of these types of posts let alone right them? 

That's me today. It seems as though all I ever do on this blog is complain about my depression and anxiety. Yes, it's my right to do so, it's my blog. It's a place to write down what I am feeling so that I can move on (in a way). But it can't be that appealing to others (again, does it matter as it's my blog?). To me it does. I hate being the "Debbie Downer". I hate bringing in this darkness that surrounds me and having all to see. This darkness is mine and I shouldn't force it onto others.

Instead I wish to be known for the light that I can bring. Yes, surprise surprise, I can bring light! :) So my hope is that this year I can focus more on the good things in life and report them to you!

Now does this whole post make a lot of sense, but my point is that I am choosing to see the light in the world and in everyone!

Though these are wonderful uplifting things, here are a few pins that I have on my secret board that I don't want everyone to see (because there can be cussing or other such things).
Now, this is not bad, but I think it's hilarious and so true! And it is how I want to change my view on life! :)
Hee-hee! Sorry for the cussing but this is too funny!

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