Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Nail Challange Collaborative Presents: Wallpaper - A Story

There once was a couple who bought a house, the house of their dreams. But the walls of their study looked like turtle shells! Oh how much they hated that wallpaper, who on earth would ever do something like that? In some places it was shrinking from the edges and some of the pattern had worn off.

But they vowed to redo the wallpaper and update it to something more modern, more trendy. Please follow them over the next three days as you see them strip down the old paper and put up the new!

I used BarryM Cardamon (two coats) as my base. I stamped using BarryM Cocoa and Cheeky CH33. I applied HK Girl Top Coat and then Essie Matte About You to give it a wallpaper feel.

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