Friday, April 4, 2014

Butterfly Mani!

So, I finally did a butterfly mani! Finally, geesh, get with the times here! Whatever! I specifically did this mani because my family and I were going to Butterfly Wonderland! It's a way cool place with a butterfly habitat with thousands of butterflies flying around! I loved it!

This slightly out of focus shot was to get the holos to show more, it was taken on my phone (the first photo is in my lightbox). Stupid wonky baby finger! This is why I hold a bottle in my hand! :)

I started out with Nail Nation 3000 Carpe Diem (a white slight holo polish). I did about two coats. I then did a gradient using Nail Nation 3000 Glow Worm, Rumple Stiltskin, and Carpe Diem. I love how the colors fade into each other! I stamped using Color Club Revvvolution and Nailz Craze NC01. Topped off with HK Girl Top Coat.

The lady collecting tickets really liked my nails! :)

Thought I would show you a few of my many many photos that I took. :) This was when you first walked in. Just look at all those butterflies!

This is the back of my nephew. The butterflies really liked him. He had at least four land on him. My other nephew had one on his backpack for a long time and on his hat! Isn't it beautiful! These blue ones were everywhere! Flying all over the place almost dive-bombing you! I believe (and this is just based on a handout) this is a Morpho peleides (Blue Morpho).

This one was my favorite. Didn't see too many of these guys. The color in person was just gorgeous! This is a (again just from the handout) Papillio palinurus (Banded Peacock).

I had a friend land on me!

This "little" guy (Idea leuconoe, Paper Kite) (maybe?)  (different from the one previous) landed on my thigh and crawled all the way up to my shoulder! It was hilarious! I have more photos of his trip up, but I really don't want to post those ones! :) And ugh! Taking a photo from below your face.....not a good idea! Bleh!

My niece was trying to get a photo of the butterflies flying all around but I photo-bombed her picture! Hahaha! It was so hot and humid in this habitat! We liked to stay in this one little corner because of the fans! So my hair is all flat because I was "glistening" like crazy! :)

We also got to touch some stingrays! That's my niece's hand. She was so scared of it! Every time it came over to her she would pull her hand out! We could only put two fingers into the water against the wall (that's how they are fed) and they would come up to you! They felt really weird! Like a slug!

Um, yeah. Not my real voice. I was having some fun saying "hello, to my little friend". You know, like Scarface? Anyone? Anyone? My niece thought it was funny, you can hear her laughing. :)


  1. Fun pictures!! You're like the bug whisperer ;)

  2. I love stuff like that! We did that in Rochester and the butterflies rode around on my sister and my dad. Also, that is such a great face in the last butterfly picture :)

  3. We have a small butterfly habitat in a Zoo in Rotterdam. It is so pretty and amazing to see them all flying around! I love your manicure, and a butterfly mani has been on top of my list for a while now. Still didn't get to doing it!

  4. Awesome! I also did butterfly nails today (and also waited way too long to do them!) And we have a butterfly habitat like that nearby too. It is so great! You made me want to go visit it again :-D

  5. This is a fabulous butterfly mani, no wonder the ticket lady liked it. ^^ Love the pics in the habitat, too. And no, you're not 'glistening' and your hair looks great.


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