Monday, April 7, 2014

The Never Ending Pile Challenge: Glitter!

Today starts the beginning of a new challenge! It is called The Never Ending Pile Challenge in which we post Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday different untried polishes that follow the prompt for the day! This challenge was created by Missy over at Gnarly Gnails for The Glittah Pirates facebook group. If you would like to join the challenge, feel free to join the group! :)

Today's prompt is glitter! 

This is Steampunk by Pretty & Polished. I bought this about a year ago? I bought it because 1) it's called steampunk! Hello, I love that! 2) it's a grey! and 3) love the color combo!

This is three coats. Yep three, well, closer to four. I don't really like polishes where I have to use more than two coats. Opacity wasn't the issue, two coats was good for that. Glitter placement and glitter fishing was the issue. But it didn't get thick with the coats and I do like the depth it has!

So I decided to pair this with OPI Glitter Off. I like glitters but hate taking them off! I've tried using Elmer's glue, but my polish just pops off really easily! So I put this on one afternoon, thin layer, waited until it dried clear and added my layers of Steampunk. I topped it off with HK Girl Topcoat. Almost 48 hours later (two showers, multiple hand washings, computer work, bathroom cleaning, and normal activities) one popped off! I think I could have gotten one more day's wear out of this mani but it snagged on something right after washing and putting lotion on and popped off.

Within seconds I had popped off the remaining polish, leaving behind nothing on my nail! I love OPI Glitter Off! Can't wait to use it some more! I really try to get people at work to buy it! :)

Don't forget to check out what the other Pirates are doing for their glitter prompt! Wanna join? Click on the prompt list above!


  1. I love this polish but even more, glitter off sounds very GOOD! I have tried that Essence peel off basecoat but that just did not work for me.

    1. Thanks! I have the Essence one too, not a huge fan. I love this OPI one!

  2. that polish is so fun, i am loving the color combo!


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