Friday, April 25, 2014

Hip to Be Square: The Neverending Pile Challenge and The Nail Challenge Collaborative

Phew! Made it! Last day (for this week at least) of double challenge posts! Today I have The Neverending Pile Challenge: I Had to Have but Still Haven't Use It (Essence Urban Messages) and The Nail Challenge Collaborative: Music/Movies/TV day 4 post.

So, last year I came across a post with a gorgeous gorgeous Essence polish called Skyscraper. Well I had to track it down off a blog sale. I had to buy the whole Urban Messages collection to get Skyscraper. I have already used Skyscraper but not the rest of the collection. So I chose these four remaining polishes as my I had to have but haven't used yet because they were bought with my had to have!

Starting with my index finger the polishes are: Essence It Peace, Essence Street Styler, Essence Nightline, and Essence Wall of Fame. (since these were so sheer I had to use OPI My Vampire is Buff). But look at these gorgeous polishes! The shimmer and flash! Why did I wait to use these?

This is how I tied it to The Nail Challenge Collaborative with D&R Apothecary You're a Star. A lovely square glitter topper. Sadly this indie polish brand is no more. Sad, I loved her glitters!

But wait!? How does that tie into the Collaborative of Music/Movies/TV?

You're welcome. This song has been in my head for a while now!

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  1. Essence polishes looks so pretty!

  2. I wished I had picked up the coral one back at the time. It looks fantastic!
    I'm ashamed to say the teal and blue ones are in my unused pile, too!

    1. Hahaha! It's funny how many of the untrieds we have are the same as others! :)

  3. "Bought a whole collection just to get one polish" needs to be on a list of You Know You Have A Polish Problem When... too funny. These make a great skittles mani though!


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