Friday, December 28, 2012

TGIF: Thank Goodness, Indie Friday - Rainbow Polish See 3P Ohhh

Here is another awesome polish for TGIF: Thank Goodness, Indy Indie Friday! Today we have Rainbow Polish See 3P Ohhh. This gorgeous gold is hard to capture fully on camera, my camera kept wiggin' out! :) I love Geek inspired polishes! We need more! :)


As always: (l-r) 4 coats, 3 coats, 2 coats, and 1 coat. "This C3PO inspired polish starts with a slightly milky white base and a gold glitter dust is added along with small gold holographic glitter and larger gold squares and more". To me I see more of a golden base but that's alright because I love it and I don't really like gold! :)

Here it is over some colors, one coat of See 3P Ohh! (l-r) Essence Romeo, Zoya Sooki, China Glaze Custom Kicks, and China Glaze Trendsetter. Love it over all of them. Custom Kicks looks very Jasmine from Aladdin! :)

I had no issues with this polish. Applied lovely and evenly for me! Such a gorgeous topcoat and is even better in person because it doesn't like my camera :(

Rainbow Polish can be found and bought on her etsy page 
Rainbow Polish also has a big cartel store here
Don't forget to check out her facebook page here.
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