Thursday, December 6, 2012

Born Pretty Store Nail Art Stamp Template CK-06 Review

I was contacted by Daisy over at Born Pretty Store to review one of their products. I chose one of their larger stamping plates because I've always wanted to try a larger plate! :) So I chose Nail Art Stamp Template CK-06. I purposely chose a plate that didn't have full nail images because I didn't want to worry about whether they would fit my nails. But these are images are the perfect size for my nails! :)

So here are four images from the Nail Art Stamp Template CK-06. (Please excuse my re-used mani from Tuesday!) See, these are perfect for my nails. In fact, the peacock (on my middle finger) goes onto my cuticle, so these images would be great for those with larger nails too! Perhaps I should have tilted it to get it fully on? But look how great they stamp! Granted, I messed up on the white feather on my index finger. I stamped using Konad White and Black.

Just to show you that it was me with the feather check it out, bottom left corner. See, perfect feather! :) This is using Konad Black on paper. If you look carefully (don't have to really search because I circled them) you can see some doubles. Also the starred ones may look doubled but they are opposites along with a few others. All in all the images stamped really well. You can tell when I messed up because I re-stamped the image (see weird swirl on top and big leaf second to bottom row). Only had major issues with those two, but they re-stamped perfectly!


Sorry that the plate looks a bit scuzzy. Didn't have a chance to clean it properly after using it, but I wanted to show it it's size in relation to a bottle of Konad polish.

So how would I rate this? 9.5 out of 10. A few images don't always stamp well, but most do and are fabulous! I love this plate and I'm excited to use the images in my nail art! And a bonus, I finally have a full peacock image! :)

I would like to thank Daisy and the Born Pretty Store for this opportunity!

If you would like to order this plate, you can get it for $8.53, or other awesome products from Born Pretty Store, use the code below to save 10%!

*This product was provided for my honest review.*


  1. I bought one of these and was disappointed because the designs were Too small for my nails :(

    1. Really? Sad! These ones are accent images and not full nail images, so you could always multi-stamp them maybe? :)

  2. FYI most of the small individual designs are dupes from Bundle Monster 2010.

    1. Yep, I knew that but as I don't have that BM set I figured it was perfect for me! I always wanted the peacock image from the BM set too! :)

  3. I don't know that these are great for all nails sizes but the individual designs do work for everyone. I also have this plate well, I have this whole serious of plates ck01-ck08. It is true a lot if not all of these designs are copies from other brands BM and Konad etc.
    It is also true they are much smaller which is great for people like me who have small nails.
    I have the original plate with the peacock design it is almost double the size which meant it would never fit on my nails because they are narrow and short (wouldnt fit even when I had fakes).
    Some of the designs are too shallow or poorly engraved and wont stamp well but all in all for the price these are good plates for people with smaller nails.


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