Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Teal Tuesdays - Glitterbomb!


This week's Tealicure is a Glitterbomb! Well, then, bombs away! This magical mani is made up of four glitters all over OPI Skull & Glossbones (hence the bottle shot here). I love how this turned out! :)

Here are the four gorgeous glitters! Yummy! Once Upon a Polish Under the Sea, Essence Edward, China Glaze Atlantis, and Sally Hansen Teal-y Cool.

Macro bottle shot of Once Upon a Polish Under the Sea. Um, gorgeous! Teal hex glitter with silver square glitter! Perfection! And did I mention they are holos? Yep!

Macro bottle shot of Essence Edward. Bahahahaha! Still makes me laugh that he is the glitter out of the Twins (Bella being the creme). This is a lovely teal square and hex glitters with micro holo glitters.

Macro bottle shot of China Glaze Atlantis. This is made up of billions of teal micro holo glitters in a teal base! Love!

Macro bottle shot of Sally Hansen Teal-y Cool. Can I just say that Sally Hansen bottles are very lame to do macro shots with. Their sticker covers the whole bottle! Grrr! But this is a lesser version, lessed packed with glitters than Atlantis but it is still lovely!

Here is a macro of one of my fingers to show you the layers of this mani. I love how it turned out! And see! You can see Skull & Glossbones peeking out at the top! :)

And a final photo, the hallelujah sun shot photo of my Glitterbomb Tealicure. Boo-yah! :)

Now, question for you all. How do you prefer the photos? I decided to change it up yesterday and today. If I do my photos more vertical I can get the whole polish bottle in the picture.

So my question to you all (and to see if you truly are reading this post! Hahaha, no not really!) should I continue with the vertical photos like above or go back to the horizontal photos (ex: the bottle shot photo of the four glitters I used). Thank you for your input! :)

Teal Tuesdays was started because teal is unloved and needed its own day of celebration!
Teal is a medium to dark bluish green color of low saturation; a dark cyan.
Open to interpretation, anything green with a hint of blue or blue with a hint of green is welcome here!
Aqua, Turquoise,Tiffany Blue, etc etc...all are welcome - we do not discriminate!
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  1. this is amazing! Were your nails extra thick? I'm not sure I could handle four coats of glitter PLUS base Plus top? wow but STUNNING!!

    1. No, they were really thick at all, surprisingly! But I didn't gloop them on either! :)

  2. oh my this is so great! love teal.

  3. so pretty - i love atlantis soooo much.

  4. OMG you used ALL THE GLITTERS !!! lol ... couldn't resist :)

    1. Hahaha! Yes I did! USE ALL THE GLITTERS!


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