Monday, July 16, 2012

Guest Post by Mommy Does Her Nails

So today starts the run of a two and half week guest post show while I am on vacation! I hope you all enjoy these posts as much as I have!

Today's guest post is from Mommy Does Her Nails, her pictures and stamping are simply gorgeous! I love how rich the colors are in all her pictures! Oh and I think she has created a name for my readers! :)

Thank you so much Mommy Does Her Nails! :)

Don't forget to check out her blog after reading this post! I hope you enjoy!


Hi owlets! Geeky Owl flew the tree and left this mommy with a post *insert evil laugh*. Well mostly evil since I didn't actually do an evil inspired manicure but now that I think about it that would have been awesome. Beauty of hindsight right? So what I have here is an accent manicure with some stamping:
I ordered the Zoya Pinterest mini trio of Myrta (accent), Zuza (other two fingers) and Kimber (not pictured). I stamped Myrta with Sally Hansen White On and the other two with Sally Hansen Green Envy. Bright and summery :)
These have so much shimmer in them! So how did the Zoya minis compare to the full size?
Ah! There's Kimber - pictured next to Jancyn for size. Basically it's half the size, but the cap is identical. Then there's the brush:
Identical with a shorter neck! Personally I love Zoya and I really hope to see more mini sets in the future. They are the best minis I have ever seen and really made me want every single color in a mini version. They are PERFECT travel size and should I go through one I will be keeping it for my travel polish bottle.

Thanks for reading and thank you Geeky Owl for letting me have a few moments on your delightful blog! :) Signing off, Mommy Does Her Nails


  1. ha I love the name :P Gorgeous mani

    1. It's pretty adorable isn't it ;) Thanks so much - I had such a hard time taking this one off!

  2. Oh how cute those minis are! Love love love!!

    1. Aren't they just perfect?? Please Zoya make more!


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