Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Guest Post by Time On My Nails

Good Morning Owlets!

Today's guest post is from Julie at Time On My Nails! She does some amazing nail art and uses such awesome bright colors!

Thank you so much Julie! :)

Don't forget to check out her blog after reading this post!


Hello! I'm Julie from Time On My Nails, and I am extremely thrilled to be here! I generally stick to simple nail art - although right now I am addicted to jelly sandwiches - and get inspiration from all over, including other nail bloggers' fabulous tutorials! Recently Sarah at Chalkboard nails did a tutorial for a "Fishtail manicure" that looked like a fun and fairly easy way to combine multiple colours, something that I love to do!

My colour palette was inspired by an installation at the recent Luminato Festival in Toronto, which had a Windscape theme and included wavy blue bits and these really cool orange windsocks! And yes, that's the technical description! :P

My base colour was Essence Wake Up!, a great (cheap!) red-orange creme. My first swoops were China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le, and the tips were Nails Inc. Baker Street, which might just be my favourite blue. Ever.

This design was fairly easy to achieve and had a great pay-off! The daring colour combination worked well for me and for the occasion, but with more subtle colours this could be adapted for any purpose.

A festival that celebrates creativity in all forms, from literature to music to theatre to magic to food, I think that Luminato fits in perfectly here at the Geeky Owl! Thanks so much for this opportunity to share my nail art with all of you, and Happy Canada Day!

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