Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weekend Vacation Haul!


I went to Palm Springs, California for the weekend and on the way home I decided to hit up some stores! :)
This picture above is from Ross. I have a Ross where I live but I wanted to see if there were any KleanColors. And yep! There were!
First the top polish is Essie Coat Azure. It is a lovely dusty blue with silver shimmer.

In the first KleanColor box (l-r): Sheer Pastel Pink, Sheer Peach, Sheer Pastel Nude, Sheer Red, Top Coat, White. I got this box because since I have done one jelly sammich I thought I could use these to do more!

The second KleanColor box (l-r): Peacock-A-Boo, Lake Mist, Kawaii Stuff, Shining Sea, Blue Pearl, Cobalt. I don't have a lot of blues, but now I do! :)

Stopped at Claire's and found these pretties! (l-r): Drops of Jupiter and Blast Off

Macro bottle shot of Claire's Drops of Jupiter. Can you see the purple along the edges! Pretty!

Macro bottle shot of Claire's Blast Off. Such a bright fun happy color with a bit of teal along the edges!

Then I got to go to Rite Aid! Wow! You ladies who have one near you are lucky! There were so many colors that I wanted but could only choose 10. These are the first 3 (l-r): Jesse's Girl Confetti, Jesse's Girl Glee, Jesse's Girl Firefly.

Macro bottle shot of Jesse's Girl Confetti. Look at the pretty purple along the edges!

Macro bottle shot of Jesse's Girl Glee. Perfect name! Blue, green, and gold! Yummy!

Macro bottle shot of Jesse's Girl Firefly. Just a pretty glow of a top coat! :)

I was able to find Sinful Colors Pearl Harbor! And there were so many CQ polishes to choose from but I just got Silver Taupe. And then I saw the Hedy's polishes and couldn't pass up Bolts of Blue. It is a Matte polish too! :)

Macro bottle shot of Sinful Colors Pearl Harbor! A fun sparkly top coat! :)

Macro bottle shot of CQ Silver Taupe. The name accurately describes the polish. It is a taupe with a silver shimmer!

Macro bottle shot of Hedy's Bolts of Blue. Such a bright neon! Love!

These are the last 4 of the polishes I bought at Rite Aid. (l-r): Petites Figi, Petites Vintage Gray, Petites Wizard, and Petites Wicked!

Macro bottle shot of Petites Wizard. A lovely brown shimmer! Also couldn't pass up the polish because of the name! :)

Macro bottle shot of Petites Wicked! Purple glitter in a black base. Pretty! I may have a dupe for this, but oh well! :)

Any one else have a good polish haul recently? 


  1. Pearl harbor looks absolutely amazing!!

  2. pearl harbor! you lucky girl!! looks like a great haul!


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