Monday, May 28, 2012

Nail Mail Monday!

It's been awhile since I've had so many packages delivered in one day! I was so happy! :)

First up is my Cult Nails order from her second $5 sale! :) I got all the ones I wanted!

(l-r) Hypnotize Me, Let Me Fly, and Enigmatic. I have swatched these all for my swatchsicles and my favorite is Let Me Fly! It is stunning!

Next up is my order from Diamond Cosmetics. (l-r) Matte Smoke (yep a grey matte!), Chainmail Charm (suppose to be a holo, but isn't a really strong one), Talk of Tokyo, and Concrete Jungle (this is the polish that started the whole order!). Funny thing is that while doing my swatchsicles I have come to see that I really do like greens and greys and this purchase confirms it even more! :)

My quick order from Head2Toe for more clear nail tips for my swatchsicles with my first Misa polish in Grey Matters. This is a silvery shimmery grey!

These were not nail mail but what I picked up from Sallys this weekend! The Finger Paints were clearanced so they were an extra 50% off! $1.62 each for Circus Peanuts and Choco Mint! And then I asked the girl working if they had the new Orly Glam FX line in. They did in the back! She brought them out and I fell in love with Mermaid Tale.

Macro bottle shot of Orly Mermaid Tale. Stunning!!!!

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  1. I love the finger paints! They have the cutest bottles and the colours are amazing!The orly is pretty special :)


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