Thursday, May 3, 2012

Love Yourself Mani: Barielle U-Concrete-Me and Catrice Million Styles

So today I wanted to use a few of my untrieds. And sadly my pictures didn't work out so nice. :( But I will post them anyways because even though they are crisp pictures and I wasn't able to catch all the subtleness of the polishes, it still is pretty! :)

First I started out with Barielle U-Concrete-Me that I got from my April swap with Yvonne. This might possibly be my new favorite grey! It's a perfect grey creme with no purple undertones! And it went on fabulously! This is two coats.

I then added Catrice Million Styles Holo Que Tal?! that I got from Gwen over at SpaceLife Thoughts. This is a wonderful shimmery color top coat of pink to purple! It was very hard to catch it but I love how icy it made my nails look!

But was I finished yet? Nope!

I then added Catrice Million Styles Godfather of Pearl (also from Gwen) which took the iciness to a whole new level! This is another shimmery topcoat of blue to aqua. Sadly no matter how I took the photo I could catch all the colors of these wonderful polishes! :(

But was I finished yet? Nope!

Accent nail! I decided to try some more rub-ons from American Crafts. Some cute little flowers in my icy landscape! Now this mani didn't turn out how I thought it would, but I still loved it! And in real life the pinks and blues of the Catrice polishes shine through it all and are gorgeous!

A shot of the flower rub-on by American Crafts on my thumb! I thought it was cute! :)

I really liked this mani and wanted to do something for me, that I enjoyed. This is part of the Love Yourself manis. For more information click on this picture or the one in my sidebar to be taken to the facebook group!


  1. U-Concrete-Me is lovely! Looks gorgeous on you :)

  2. beautiful on you, cute mani!

  3. Nice. Just bought the Catrice Million Styles Godfather of Pearl, myself. Looks pretty


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