Saturday, May 12, 2012

I've Been Bad!

So, I've been in a bit of a funk lately, not wanting to paint my nails. But I decided to go look at Sally's Beauty and Ulta to see what they have. I was bad! :)

In the above photo is what I got from Sally's. I finally got my bottle of Blue Cross Cuticle Remover! I've heard so many good things about it! And it is huge! :) The polishes are Finger Polishes (l-r) Grape Gumball (on clearance!) and Sexy Sundress (such an awesome green!). And I also finally found some resin to have on hand for when my nails be stupid and start to peel! :)

Macro bottle shot of Finger Paints Grape Gumball. Such a pretty purple, yes purple (I promise it is a purple in real life!) with glass flecks through out!

Bah! Look at what I did at Ulta! I can't believe I bought all four of those! But they are clearance so it doesn't fully count right? (l-r) Orly Galaxy Girl, Orly Rock Solid, Orly Out of This World, Orly Hally's Comet. They were all clearance!!!!! Next up is Sally Hansen Loves Me Not. I have been looking for this polish and I find it in the clearance bin! Fate! :) Next is Orly Buried Alive, from the Dark Shadows collection that just came out! I'm excited for this! And last but not least is my first Piggy Polish in Sunshine on Snowflakes (a lovely holo glitter). I got the Piggy Polish for free from spending so much in the previous months! :)

Macro bottle shot of Orly Galaxy Girl. Look at the glass flecks and the duochrome!

Macro bottle shot of Orly Rock Solid. A lovely grey with glass flecks and holo glitter! What's not to love?

Macro bottle shot of Orly Out of This World. Blue-tone purple with gold duochrome! Pretty!

Macro bottle shot of Orly Hally's Comet. Ooh! Mermaid duochromey awesomeness! :)

Macro bottle shot of Sally Hansen Loves Me Not. Look and the purple green/gold loveliness!

Have you done anything bad like this recently?


  1. Pretties! Ooh! I am a smidge jealous about your SH find - I have yet to see that display out at all and now wonder if I totally missed it?!?

  2. Oh that cuticle remover bottle looks amazing :O
    The finger paints are definitely my favourite!!

    At least they were mostly on offer so your buys are justified :P

    I had a little Essence haul this week...I shocked myself with the price but they are all so nice :D

  3. I got out of this world and rock solid for $2 during xmas @ sally, i felt ubber lucky o.o Love the macro shots!

  4. ya you have the feeling of happy regret....happy you got some great goodies at a steal but regret because it was a big bill:( i have that too every time i go to Ulta! its that store that always does it haha


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