Monday, September 7, 2015

Empties: Trying to clear my empties box part 2!

Here we go again with the empties. I am still playing catch up and haven't even gotten to the August ones yet! >_< Most of these products were not used consistently, so my usage time is a rough estimate of if you were to use it daily. Make sense? Oh and sorry for the bad quality photos, my camera is being lame.

Here we have a bunch of Kenra Products.
Shine Spray ($17 for 5.5oz): Love love love the smell of this! Does it add shine? Yes and no. But it does make hairspray less effective if you spray it after. Repurchase? Well, I did and I am almost out (way behind in empties) but will not repurchase again. Lasted about two months.
Thickening Spray ($22 for 6.7oz): Yes! I love this, it really does help to add a bit of volume to my hair and smells good! Repurchase? Already did! This size lasted about 3 months!
Spray Volume 25 Hairspray ($17 for 10oz): So many customers at work buy this and tell me how much they love this hairspray. The 25 represents that miles per hour of wind your hair can withstand. Oh it does, but it's helmet head and makes hair look dull. Repurchase? No I won't, but need to finish up second bottle. Lasted about a month.
Perfect Medium Spray 13 ($17 for 10oz $7 for 1.5oz): Where 25 was too much, 13 is not enough. Hair falls flat within minutes. Repurchase? Nope. Thankfully this was a gift with purchase. Lasted about 1/2 month.

Prestige Skin Care and Makeup Products
Mario Badescu Rose Hips Nourishing Oil ($22 for 1oz): I love this product. Calming, soothing, healing, hydrating all with no oily feeling! Great for dehydrated/sensitive skin! Repurchase? Yes, once I have finished my other oils. Lasted about 6 months! Only need a little bit!
Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist ($11 for 1oz): A great spray that delivers much needed antioxidants to the face to help combat environmental stressors. Soothing and refreshing! Repurchase? Possibly, have another that I am working on that came in a kit like this one. Last about 3 months.
Dermalogica Renewal Lip Complex ($26 for 0.06oz): A fabulous moisturizer for lips that really helps to heal and soften lips. Repurchase? This was a sample but I have already purchased a full size! 
Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser ($36 for 8.4oz): This was one of my first Dermalogica purchases back in April of 2014. I finished this in like May of 2015! Yep, took me a year to use it up, now granted wasn't used everyday (especially near the end) but still! It's a fabulous cleanser that is great to help calm and sooth sensitive skin. Repurchase? Already did! Last over a year!
Vichy Aqualia Thermal ($34 for 2.5oz): Was looking for something to take the place of my $60 jar of Philosophy. This is not a bad alternative. Reasonable price, not irritation, and not shine! Repurchase? Probably, need to finish up other products First!.
It Cosmetics Hello Lashes Mascara ($24 for 0.33oz): I got this from our It Cosmetics Training Class! It's a great mascara and does what a mascara should! Repurchase? Probably after I use my bajillion mascaras! Lasted around 4 months.

Looking for my Holy Grail of hairsprays!
AG High and Dry, Matte Volume and Finishing Spray ($24 for 5oz): This went clearance at work because they changed their packaging. I decided to buy the small one first to give it a try. And I loved it! You can really spray away and you don't get helmet head, only volume. The hold though, it could be stronger. Repurchase? I so totally did, repurchase many times over (clearance and buy 2 get 1 free!). This last a little less than a month.
Pureology Color Stylist ($26 for 11oz $9 for 2.1oz): This was a free sample to try out. I really love this spray, a lot. Has the hold and the shine! But I need to spray a ton on to get to the right hold and it is a ridiculous price! Repurchase? If I had the money! :) Lasted less than a month.
Joico Power Spray ($16.99 for 9oz $5.99 for 1.5oz): Another one talked up a lot by customers That being said, it has great hold and a shine but not quiet enough for me Repurchase? No, I don't think so. There are other products I like better. Lasted less than a month.
Redken Quick Tease 15 ($18 for 5.3oz $8.50 for 1.3oz): This is more for added texture than hold. It's almost like a wax. Repurchase? No, because I have other products I like better. Lasted a month.

Misc. Hair Products:
TIGI Catwalk Haute Iron Spray ($22 for 6oz): My first real heat protection spray. I liked this a lot. Repurchase? Possibly down the road, need to finish of other products I have first.
Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer Spray ($22 for 5.7oz ): At first I hated this. The smell and it did nothing. But I started to use up my stash and found out I really do like this, a lot. It's a great thermal protector and primer! Repurchase? Yes, at a later date. Lasted me 2 months for this size!
Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment ($42 for 8oz): Meh. It's a deep conditioning mask for your hair that smells funny. It made me hair soft, but a little too soft. Repurchase? Nope smells weird and expensive! Glad I got this as a sample! Lasted a few months because I didn't like using it.
Wella Velvet Amplifier Styling Primer ($8.50 for 1.9oz): Lo-ve this stuff! Use it daily! What exactly does it do? I dunno, but my hair behaves better when I do use it. :) Repurchase? Already did! Lasted for about 6 months because you only need a little!

Misc. Products
Bosley Dry Shampoo ($18.95 for 3.4oz): This product is always in my empties so that pretty much sums up what I think about it. Love it! Lasts a long time.
Macadamia Flawless Cleansing Conditioner (similar product is $26 for 10oz): I've always been drawn to this brand's packaging. Tried this product when it went clearance and fell in love! It's a cleansing conditioner, think Wen but better (no adverse affects!). Just the right about of conditioner that it doesn't weigh my hair down and washes out all the product that I use. Repurchase? Absolutely! Lasts about two months.
Philosophy Purity ($10-$36 depending on size): Pretty sure this has been on my empties as well. Can't go wrong with Purity. Cleans your face, takes off makeup, and cleans your makeup brushes! Repurchase? Yep! Lasts, depends on size, but anywhere from a month to 6.
Dermalogica MultiVitamin Power Firm ($58 for .5oz): This is an amazingly soft/velvet like treatment for fine lines and wrinkles around eyes and mouth. Smells amazing too! Just a glorious experience! Repurchase? I bought another kit that had this size, will be purchasing normal size in future. Lasts about 2-3 months for this size if not longer! Larger size would last probably a year.

More Misc hair products
Sexy Hair Play Dirty Dry Wax Spray ($18.95 for 4.8oz): I know this has been on my list before. I think it is one of the best wax sprays I've tried. Not too sticky but it is pricey for the size. Repurchase? Probably! Lasts about 2 months.
Redken Cerafill Maximize Dense FX Hair Diameter Thickening Treatment ($45 for 4.2): Loved this product so much! Got it as a free sample, used it for a bit and didn't notice a real difference. Started using it again later and fell in love. It really did make my hair thicker! Repurchase? Going through other cheaper products, but I most likely will when I done with those! But it is expensive!
Pantene Stylers Texturing Sculpting Wax ($4.99 for 1.7oz): I wanted to try something different and see if it would give me texture. Surprisingly this product gives a lot of texture, just be careful not to put too much in! >_< Repurchase? Perhaps, after I finish all the other products! Last about 3-4 months.
Kenra Dry Texture Spray ($22 for 5.3oz): At first I hated it. Too gunky too much product. Tried again, and actually liked it. I guess there's a learning curve to it. Repurchase? Down the road after finishing other products (sound like a broken record!). Lasts about 1 -2 months.

Yet more misc. hair products!

Chi Infra Texture ($15.50 for 10oz): I know this has been on my list before and is a great way to add some texture to fine hair. Lasts forever too! Repurchase? Probably
AG High and Dry, Matte Volume and Finishing Spray ($24 for 5oz): See, told you I had already repurchased! This took two months to finish and I still have more bottles!
TIGI Bed Head Headrush ($20.99 for 5.3oz): A lovely shine spray that doesn't weigh down, but that does sometimes leave little droplets on your hair. Repurchase? Still thinking. Lasted about 4 months.