Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Re-Creations Week: Black & White Day - Adipose Nail Art by Adventures in Acetone

Day 3 of The Digit-al Dozen Does Re-Creations Week and today I bring you some fat. Such cute little fatties! These are Adipose (little aliens made from fat) from Doctor Who! And who's absolutely fantastic mani do I re-create?

Jacki from Adventures in Acetone (just in case you didn't read the title!) Of course hers is free-hand with a tutorial. Mine, well, mine are a stamp because I had a feeling I would screw up their cute little faces........oh wait I still did! Hahahahahahaha!

Pretty basic on the polishes: BarryM Espresso (a matte polish) and Konad White. I used My Online Shop MJXII for the adipose. And I used my Clear Jelly Stamper for the first time. It was a bit finicky but finally I was able to work with it and love it! So nice to be able to see through the handle to where you are stamping!

I really love how each of my adipose have different personalities because of the stamping. We have (top to bottom): normal happy adipose, mean nasty adipose, girly feminine adipose (see her lashes, or she could be from the band KISS), and finally silly goofy adipose.

I love that Jacki adds Doctor Who references to her manis (like many of us DDs). And I have always loved her tutorials. She makes everything look so easy and effortless!

Thank you Jacki for your contribution to our DD family!

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