Friday, September 18, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Re-Creation Week: The Terrific Twos - Cotton by Glowstars

Today is the final day of The Digit-al Dozen Does Re-Creation Week, and for my final day I chose to do a mani that was created during our second anniversary hence the use of cotton (traditional two year anniversary gift). Who's mani is it?

Why Vic from Glowstars! I had a really good chuckle when she created this mani that I knew I had to re-create it at some point. What better day than today! For me, Vic has always been and always will be the Queen of Bling. I really did think of just putting some honking huge jewels on my nails to represent Vic, but I knew I had to do an actually mani (wouldn't surprise me if she did have a mani with honking huge jewels, actually pretty sure she does!). Not only does Vic create a lot with bling but she also thinks a little outside the box and that's why her and I get along so well (among other things). One thing she is teased about in our group is having her DD manis completed way far in advance. If only, right?!

So I only used two items for this mani (shocker I know!): BarryM Plumpy Top Coat (still not sure about this top coat, it's......interesting) and a shredded cotton round. I also decided to do this cotton mani because I had mentioned to the DD ladies that I live where they grow a lot of cotton, a lot! It seems like it's always growing, that or corn. But being in Arizona you get growing seasons pretty much all year round. (thanks nature for the allergies with that!)

I hope you've had fun seeing all the manis that everyone has re-created. I know that we as a group have had a blast! Thank you to our wonderful readers and followers! Without you we'd be left to ourselves and know, we're weird! >_< We love that you enjoy The Digit-al Dozen, crazy it's already been three years! 

Like I said in my post on Monday, we've had quite a few ladies who are no longer in our group and we hope all is well with them and love and miss them all! We've embraced many new ladies over the years and love how each of them bring a new twist or take on the themes. I wish I could have re-created more manis from all the ladies (Pffft! I'm not Lindsey! Yes, yes, she did re-create a mani from all the current DD ladies. See, crazy!) Hahahahaha! Perhaps I'll try and do that, dedicate a day for DD re-creations. Hmmm, I like that idea! I think there are a few other ladies who are planning on doing just that.

It was really nice to do a full DD week. It's been awhile, but I am hoping things are looking up. Though, I've said that before! :) I am still debating on introducing a few other things on my blog, we shall see. Have a fabulous and safe weekend!