Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents: Stripes - Owl Stripes

Day 3 of The Nail Challenge Collaborative's theme of stripes and combining it with the Digit-al Dozen's Spooky Days. 

Not sure exactly what I was going for here! Hahahaha! But look! It's got stripes and an owl....what could go wrong? Oh, how about stamping stripes on all the other nails. Nu-uh, nope. So I had to free-hand the other stripes.

I used BarryM Mango as my base. I stamped on my ring finger using BarryM Plum and MoYou Pro 04. On my other nails I used BarryM Plum to create stripes (yep, that is the same color used to stamp!) and Konad Black with MoYou Pro 04 for the scroll-work. Topped it off with Poshe Top Coat.

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