Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Review: JORD Wood Watch

Today I have a slightly different type of review for you today. I was contacted by JORD to review one of their watches. Funny thing is, I was actually looking for a new watch the day before. I said I would love to and went and looked at their site. On their site they have live chat help and I had a fabulous experience with one of their watch specialists named Justine. She was able to help me to decide which color to go with. I wear a lot of black for my job and wanted something that would look really nice and there are many beautiful watches to choose from for both men and women!

This is the beautiful watch that I chose with Justine's help. This is Ely Maple. And it is one of the most beautiful timepieces that I have ever seen!

The watch came in a sturdy box with a cushion. The watch itself is super light! I was really surprised at this! I mean, I knew it wasn't going to be heavy but was not expecting how light it is! And the faceplate is the perfect size for my wrist!

This is more true to life color. I took this with my iPhone. What I love about this watch (among many things) is that the back of the watch isn't metal! That means many people who have allergies to metal watches will love this! The clasp has only a small bit of metal (I still have the blue film on it, I don't want to wreck it!) (the blue film is like the ones you find on stamping plates.)

I was asked if I could create a mani inspired by the watch. I decided to create a winter-like forest by following ChristabellNails' Grey Tree Nails Tutorial. I am really happy with how it turned out. It's perfect for the upcoming season. I love fall and winter. Everything is cool and cozy and not 100+ degrees! It's a perfect gift idea for the holidays!

I've worn this watch every day since I received it and I am always getting compliments! It's such an unusual concept, a wooden watch, but it is gorgeous. And it is very stylish. I've had no issues with the watch, I did have to take out a link on either side to have it fit me properly. 

I used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls as my base. The trees are created with OPI My Pointe Exactly and Misa Grey Matters. I stamped using Konad Grey and Winstonia W115. 

Thank you so much JORD for this opportunity to review such a wonderfully crafted timepiece.