Friday, September 13, 2013

The Digit-al Dozen Does It Again: Tape and OMG Nail Strips Review

It's day 11 of The Digit-al Dozen Does It Again and today it's tape mani! Curses tape mani, we meet again! But today I have something that helped out a lot! OMG Nail Strips!

I was sent two different patterns to review for them (tomorrow you get to see the other one!) And can I just say they are excellent!

"OMG nail strips challenges everything you thought you knew about nail polish strips. They differ from real nail polish or cheap nail stickers because of their form fitting qualities and unique resistance to chipping, tearing and wrinkling.  They also dry instantly upon application." -source

Dry instantly? One of my pet peeves with tape manis is the dry time. 

Light bulb!

First I applied the Speckle strips following the directions on the back of the packaging. Super easy to apply and they look great! I used a normal top coat as I read that a fast dry could cause some issues with wrinkling. As you can see on my index nail I filed a little too much excess off, but even with nubbins these strips look great!

Next I applied some nail stickers, make sure you take some of the stickiness off before applying to the nail strips or you can have a bit of damage like you see on my index nail. I tried a few different designs using Sally Hansen Mint Sprint. I think I am loving the french tip on my pinkie the most!

I think these strips worked out great! Made doing my nails easier and cut down the time! Anything that does that in my book is fabulous!

Have you tried them yet?

You can check them out on their website OMG Nail Strips or on their Facebook page for more ideas!

These items were sent to me for review and my honest opinion.

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