Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Depotting My Shadows Part II

For Part I click here. So I mentioned in the previous post that I had to use 4 different ways to depot my shadows. The different ways are: straightener (which you saw previously), flame, oven, and no heat.

Sadly I didn't take any photos of the flame version or the oven version. I'm kicking myself for that. But I will tell you about them.

Flame: I have these Sephora palettes that are bigger and kind of fold out. And after taking them about so I was only dealing with the eye shadows, I realized they would not work for the straightener method. They have an edge so that the heat isn't able to get right up underneath. So I pulled out a lighter and held it on the back for a while. Then I used a thumbtack and poked through the back to push out the shadow. This method took a long time. I don't really recommend it. (it could be because these particular shadows were just a pain anyways!)

Oven: I followed this video: GossMakeupArtist: Depot Your Eyeshadows in Seconds. I turned my oven onto to 200 degrees F and baked them for about 5 minutes. Each time I pulled out the shadows I could only get 4 shadows out of the palette until I had to bake it again another 5 minutes. I also had to use a thumbtack to push them out. Told, you this Sephora palette was a pain. It doesn't have a name on the back except makeup palette. But finally after about an hour this palette was done!

No heat: I love the shadows that didn't have to use any heat! My fav!

Take this Tokidoki palette. 

Rip off the palette.

Peel off that white paper and voila you have your blush out! (shh, naked nails!)

Open the edges and peel back the cardboard until you see another white paper and peel that back.

Ta-daa! Your shadows are free! Easy!

A few other shadows all I had to do was stick a sharp object along the edge and they would pop free!

Forgot to show these. This is the thumbtack method that I used with heat. You can see that the back is a bit melted. I had put this Sephora palette on the straightener and still had a hard time getting them out. Sephora palettes have tiny shadows that have no real free edge to get anything into. So I stuck a thumbtack into the melted back.

And pressed! See it sticking out? Sorry it's a bit blurry. These little shadows are covered in sticky glue and are a pain to clean!

So here is one filled palette. On the left I have my Maybelline quads and a few randoms. On the right, under the clear divider, are my Sephora palettes. The round ones are the ones I used with the straightener and thumbtack. The squares are the oven method ones.

On the left are my Tokidoki quads and singles. I still have a few more singles to depot. They take a while on the straightener because the plastic is so thick. On the right are my Sephora monos and one Tarte square. The Tarte shadow was magnetic so it was simple! The Sephora monos had to be spun and they popped out. This video: How To Depot Sephora Collection Colorful Mono Eyeshadows helped me.

This palette is reserved for my Urban Decay shadows. I already have a few in here. But I haven't gotten to them yet. 

So you saw the full palettes and how little space they take up. Well here are the empty containers of those shadows! Look at all that! The top left Sephora one (above the big huge square Sephora one) was the one that gave me all the problems. I love that I don't have to deal with these containers anymore!

And these are the ones that I have left to do. All the pretty ones! Well, not that Urban Decay face one, that one is creepy! :)

So, that is what I have been busy doing the past few weeks. I can't wait to be done! I will probably reorganize the palettes once I am done to the ones I use most. But I am excited to be able to quickly see all my shadows! I am already using ones I haven't used in a while! It's fun! Like Christmas! :)

Interested in depotting? Check out these links
Manicurity: Adventures in Depotting
and search it out on youtube, there are a ton of videos!


  1. Thanks for posting this. I really need to do this too and free up lots of space. My makeup drawers are full and everything has to be placed just so like a puzzle so it will fit and I can still close the drawers. Did you find those empty MAC cases on line? I tried to google it but even on the MAC website I can't find what you have there.

    1. That's exactly what my makeup case was like so I knew I had to do something. Here is the link to the ones that I got:


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