Tuesday, September 17, 2013

ABC: G is for Golden Green (times 2) and Geeky Owl

Like a month ago I stopped with my ABC posts, well, here is G! Today is a comparison post. I have two polishes both named Golden Green. One is by CQ and the other is by Models Own. Let's take a look. Above you see both polishes at one coat each. CQ Golden Green is on my index and ring fingers. Models Own Golden Green is on my middle and pinky fingers.

Models Own Golden Green is a but more opaque and brighter than the CQ Golden Green. But the Models Own gave me a bit more of an issue while applying it, a bit gunky in places.

Two coats each of CQ Golden Green (index and ring fingers) and Models Own Golden Green (middle and pinky fingers). Pretty dang close! Which is fab because CQ Golden Green is easier to get here in the US because it's at Rite Aid. :)

One thing I did notice was that Models Own Golden Green which is on the nail on the bottom is brighter and more green with yellow. The CQ (nail on top) definitely has more golden olive hues in it. But since I really like this color, I'm glad I have both! (um, plus a few more that probably look like these!)

And here we have the debut of my other custom polish created by the wonderful Kevan of Dragon Lacquer. This glitter is called Geeky Owl. And I love it! A lot! It's varying sizes and shapes of grey glitter! What!? Grey?! Yep! I'm stoked! Thank you so much Kevan!

Macro shot of Geeky Owl by Dragon Lacquer to show you it's not bubbles but tiny glitters! Isn't it purdy! :)

I also used HK Girl Top Coat on this mani.

I'm so glad a stepped up and ask for custom made polishes. I was a little scared at first to approach and then worried I wasn't going to like them. But Kevan was wonderful to work with and I love the final product! Thanks again!


  1. This is pretty! I never thought I had something like this but it turns out I own the models own one ;) Thanks for getting me inspired for my next manicure :D

  2. I adore a good green-gold - one that does not have any gray to it or attempt at duochrome - we all have a ton of 'attempts' at this shade with a duo chrome and most are fails...there was an old old OPI long before green polish was popular that had a good duochrome in it - I am thinking mine was in a NOPI early bottle when they still were doing that line as in part, charity and you got a penny from the retailer to drop into a slot box that went back to OPI...OPI did more then match that penny but it was the token of the whole thing to make it known it was a donation branch of NOPI...that one had a pretty purple multi chrome to the green gold.

  3. oh my GOSH I love love love your custom! I am SO glad you finally got your hands on an all grey glitter :D ♥


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