Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday Reads - Princess Academy by Shannon Hale

Today's book is Princess Academy by Shannon Hale.

This is a cute story about a girl, Miri, who lives in a quarry town high on the mountain. All she wants to do is to work in the quarry like everyone else but her father will not let her.

One day a visitor from the lowlands comes and tells the town that it has been divined that the prince's bride-to-be will come from this town. And since there are no ladies or princesses there an academy must be formed and all girls must attend.

At the academy Miri finds herself in competition with the other girls to be princess. She has inner turmoil as to whether or not she really wants to marry a prince if she is chosen!

But not all is safe, and danger soon finds it's way to the academy and Miri must find a way to protect those she has come to know.

This is a very quick read (read it in a day). But I enjoyed it. It is a bit on the younger end of juvenile fiction. In some places I found myself wanting more character development or wondering why a character would say that. But none of these things ever really bothered me too bad because I still finished it! And liked it!

There is a sequel that comes out next month called Palace of Stone. I am looking forward to it! :)

Have any of you read Princess Academy? Did you enjoy it?


  1. I haven't read this book but I did read Austenland, which was really cute. I heard they are making it into a movie, Austenland not Princess Academy. :)


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