Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Teal Tuesdays - Braided Mani

So we usually have options to vote on for the theme for Tuesdays. And the braided/fishtail/herringbone mani was an option. And I actually voted for it! Why did I do that? I don't even really like this trend! Don't get me wrong, sometimes it can be really pretty, but it isn't me! At all. But I voted for it because then if it won it would force me to actually try it. Well, as you can see, it won, and I tried it. I don't think I failed miserably, but I've seen prettier. :)

There you have it. Not horrible for a first try on something I wasn't super excited for. The layers or whatever they are called aren't even but oh well, I'm not really even either! :) And this is the only photo out of like 30 that I took. It was off and on cloudy but also, for some odd reason it didn't want to photograph. Kept being blurry. So, extra large photo is what you get today! :)

I love the colors together though. The base is OPI Fly. I used OPI Planks A Lot and OPI Skull & Glossbones. Yep, it's a good ol' OPI braided mani! Woot! :)


I totally forgot to show where I got the know-how on doing this trend! (I have no idea how I could forget that!) I found a wonderful picture tutorial from Lucy's Stash. (please click the link or the image to be sent to her site!)

What about you? Is there a trend that you don't really like? And have you attempted that said trend or do you stay far away from it?

Teal Tuesdays was started because teal is unloved and needed its own day of celebration!
Teal is a medium to dark bluish green color of low saturation; a dark cyan.
Open to interpretation, anything green with a hint of blue or blue with a hint of green is welcome here!
Aqua, Turquoise,Tiffany Blue, etc etc...all are welcome - we do not discriminate!
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  1. It looks good lady! I like your colors too!!

  2. This looks great!! I LOVE the color combo too, I love paring nudes with bright colors!

  3. Fly is such a pretty color, and bright too. I like how you paired the softer, more muted colors with it. Its a nice balance.

  4. I like this mani, even if you aren't particularly fond of it. Is there a tutorial out there that shows the braided mani process? Or would you be willing to do one for us? Pretty please? (bats eyes) Please?


    1. Oh my goodness! I totally forgot to site where I got the help from! Please see edited post now! :)


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