Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Review: HK Girl Top Coat

So, I kept hearing about this amazing top coat that is like Seche Vite but doesn't get goopy! Well, I got my through Copious from Jill (who sells it through Glisten & Glow). She doesn't make the top coat but rebottles it for her customers. How fantastic is that! :)

Well, I used it. And guess what? I liked it! A lot! It is definitely thinner than Seche Vite. My first attempt had it pooling onto my cuticles! It dries quickly too! And look at that shine! This is two coats of HK Girl Top Coat AND 5 days wear!

Here you can see the tip wear more. So is this a top coat you should try? Absolutely! But since I have only just started using it I cannot attest to it not becoming goopy later on like Seche Vite does. Also, I have tried it on stamping yet. But I will let you know when I do! :)

**edit: I have tried HK Girl with stamping and it is genius! No smearing of my stamp! Fantastic! :)

You can buy HK Girl Top Coat here: Glisten & Glow

Also, please check out Caitlin's review of this great product at Caitlin's Creative Corner


  1. OOH interesting, I love Seche but hate the goopy, I will look into this!

  2. LOVE IT ALL! I'm JILL - Owner of Glisten and Glow - email me:

    1. I have updated the shop info! Thank you for the awesome product! :)


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