Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday Reads - Le Petit Prince

Today I am telling you about a special little book. This book is dear to my family.  I own three copies of it. My brother owns a ton more, including the pop-up version I bought for him last year! :) Not sure what started it all. But this little story is full of great wisdom.

What is this wonderful book? Well, the title of my blog gives it away, huh! It is Le Petit Prince, or The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. (And gosh darn the fact that I have no idea how to do all the accents in blogger, if this was word we'd be having all the accent aigus possible but nope not here. Grrr!)


These are the three copies that I own. A small blue paperback french version that I bought before I read it in my french class, the little white paperback french version I read in class, and the bigger hardback copy that was my mother's. I cherish each copy for different reasons. The first one is still pristine and not written in. The little white copy is all written and marked up with my favorite passages. And the one that was my mother's is dear to me because she past away 6 years ago.

I hope you have all read this little story; if not, please do. Le Petit Prince was first published in 1943 and is about a pilot who is lost in the desert that comes across a very unique little boy, The Little Prince. The Little Prince tells the pilot all about the planet he is from that has three volcanoes and a rose. He also tells the pilot about the other planets he has visited and about the people who inhabit them. When The Little Prince comes to earth he encounters many things that make him sad and long for his little planet and his rose.

I won't go into too much detail about what exactly happens. But I believe everyone should read this wonderful story, it isn't that long but has many great insights.

One of my favorite quotes are: "It is the time you have devoted to your rose that makes your rose so important." The Little Prince is told this by a fox when The Little Prince is crying about his rose. I love this quote because it applies to much more. What we devote our time to is made special to us and only us.

But my absolute favorite quote is:

Translated is: "One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye." This is very true and reminds me to not take everything for what I see only. Eyes can be deceived. The heart knows the truth.

Do any of you have a story or book that is dear to you?