Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vacation Haul!

So today I am going to show you what I bought while I was gone. Nothing too exotic and crazy! :)

First is my purchase from Sally's during the extra 50% off clearance sale. I got Seche Rebuild and Finger Paints Flip Flop Fuchsia for, ready for this? A whopping $3.38! Woot woot! Love sales!

This is China Glaze Kalahari Kiss and OPI My Pointe Exactly. China Glaze Kalahari Kiss is really the only one from the new On Safari collection that I had to have. The others are pretty but I needed this one! And OPI My Pointe Exactly is one that I have been wanting for a while too. A grey jelly! Yes please! :)

Yep! Two of the new plates from Essence! Loving the starburst on the first one and check out the owl on the second one! *so happy* :)

And yep again! The other two plates from Essence! Mushrooms and PacMan! *squee!* These are from the lovely Malinka from Nails by Malinka. She was so awesome to get these for me! It's so fun to meet people in polish groups that can help get you your lemmings from half-way across the world! Thank you so much Malinka! :)

Woot woot! Dollish Polish It's A Me Mario! This lovely polish comes from a swap with the lovely Elizabeth from Nailpolish is My Crack. She is such an amazing lady! Thank you so much! I love it!

Macro bottle shot of It's A Me Mario. Blue and red hex glitter with some stars! :)

And finally, this pretty fun package!

Red Carpet Lacquer Ruh Roh! and Zoinks! Emma from Manicurity showed me Ruh Roh! because she knows I am on the look out for brown glitter! :) And I love this one! So unique! And then I couldn't pass up Zoinks! because it's green and brown, uh my favorite colors!


Macro bottle shot of Ruh Roh!


Just a quick swatch of Red Carpet Lacquer Ruh Roh! on an index card to show you the colors! Brown and black! Super duper fun! Love it!

Macro bottle shot of Zoinks! So special! :)

Just a quick swatch of Red Carpet Lacquer Zoinks! on an index card to show you the colors! Yummy brown and green! Lurve it! :)

*************** More recent haul that I decided to add on! :) **************************

Got these at Sally's. Orly Spazmatic, Orly Can't Be Tamed, and Finger Paints Fall of Surprises!


Macro bottle shot of Orly Spazmatic.


Macro bottle shot of Orly Can't Be Tamed.


Macro bottle shot of Finger Paints Fall of Surprises!

Some clearance polishes from Ulta:  OPI Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window (really similar to another one I have but oh well! I've been wanting this polish! Haha!) and China Glaze Make Some Noise

Sorry for the horrible lighting, but this pretty polish is A England Tristam!!!! Oh yes! I got it in my monthly swap group from LizMarie! Thank you thank you so much!


Macro bottle shot of A England Tristam. So purdy!

And these three pretties I got with Copious credits! Spectraflaire Top Coats in 14, 20, and 35!

Back shot of the Spectraflaire Top Coats: 14, 20, and 35

Have you tried Copious? Sign up using the link below to get $10 of Copious credits (new user)! Super fun and easy! :)

Click this link for an additional $10 credit! (click on it and then click the image it brings up!)  :)

So? Any of you have any fun hauls lately?


  1. oh you've been bad like me! haha i've gotten almost 30 in the past week!

  2. Those stamping plates look really cool! :)


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