Monday, June 17, 2013

Untried Polish Challenge: One Color

So I decided to try the Untried Polish Challenge created by Just Add Polish. It's a fun way to force myself to get through the hoard that is my untried pile. I would say that more than 1/4 of my stash is untried! >_<

So here is Essence Skyscraper. I had help tracking this down through a blog sale (thank you TraceFacePhiles for having these!). I actually got the whole collection! Non of which I had tried yet. Oops! But this one is gorgeous!

I love these types of polishes, the putty/taupe colors! But this has a hidden surprise to it!

Blue shimmer! Ah-yeah! Gorgeous! I used three coats because it is a bit sheer. I left it pure as a one color swatch because I couldn't cover up this polish, too pretty!

Oh and guess what? Happy 500th post! :)


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