Friday, October 5, 2012

Thank Goodness, Indie Friday - Rainbow Polish Trooper


Guess what happens every week? Friday! And you know what that means? TGIF: Thank Goodness, Indy Indie Friday! Today we have an intergalactic polish from Rainbow Polish called Trooper, from Star Set 1. A Star Wars inspired polish!? What is a geeky girl to do? >_<


Eeek! Please excuse the staining. Shows up way worse next to white! But let's talk about this gorgeous polish. Rainbow Polish knocked it out of the park with this one. It is spot on lovely and perfect for the inspiration. See? Can't you tell? But the polish is better, know why? It's sparkly! :) 

The photo above is 4 coats on my index finger, 3 on my middle finger, 2 on my ring finger, and one coat on my pinky. I really wanted to show you the attitude and personality this polish. There is a ton of the white hex glitters (two sizes) and little squares. There are some bigger white squares and fewer black hex glitters. But I love polishes like that! They have a mind of their own. There is also some shimmer in the clear base.

Now, this polish applies nicely with the exception of the larger squares and black hexes not always wanting to place nice and show up.

Case in point. Check out my ring finger here! Yep, Rainbow Polish's Trooper has a mind of it's own and decided to create an accent nail for me! And this is with two coats of Trooper on each nail! Hahaha! Love it! Must be the force. Vader must have something to do it right? 

(l-r) China Glaze Trendsetter, Orly Sweet Peacock, Essie Jamaica Me Crazy, and Pure Ice Platinum Magic Base Coat. 


A little macro bottle shot of Trooper.

So if you are someone who's glitter must be perfect, well, still get this polish but just spend some more time and fish out the lovelies! :) 

Trooper by Rainbow Polish can be found and bought on her etsy page here for $8.50
Don't forget to check out her facebook page here.

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Wait what? A Sparkly Stormtrooper? Yes! Just like the polish! Win! :)