Friday, August 14, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Food...At The Diner... Pie!

So I know I have been missing this week for the Digit-al Dozen. It's monsoon season here in Arizona and that means my anxiety kicks into high gear. But I did get one mani out. It's a special mani, because the ladies at the Digit-al Dozen have created an amazing blog hop for you to partake!
Bon Appetite!
Welcome to the grand finale of Food Week here at the Digital Dozen. We had an idea do do something a little off the rails today for our big finish. So, Welcome to the Digital Dozen Diner. Please look through our menu and check out what our chef's have in store for you today!

As you can see, all our chef's have their own diner food specialty cooked up for today.
I have a special pie just for you! (well, not that kind of special, no magical brownies here!) When I decided to create a pie mani I thought no problem. Um, problem. Did you know that if you look on Pinterest for pie mani, or pie nails, or pie manicure, etc; you get barely anything. At one point I had no search results! I thought I'd broken Pinterest! :) 
But I did it! (I did it! I can't believe I did it! - thank you Dora) I decided to create an apple pie. But you know me, I can't just create any ol' apple's gotta be a geeky apple pie!

Hee-hee! You see what I did there? I used BarryM Green Berry and Konad Black with Cheeky CH16 for the formica diner countertop. I then whipped up an Apple logo using MoYou London Geek 07 and Konad White. Attempted a decal of Pi (muwahahahaha!) using Nailways Back to Basics 123 ABC with Konad White. And mixed in a bunch of different colors of BarryM polishes (Mocha, Caramel, and Lychee - whoa! Those are so real ingredients! Nailed it! Bah!) I added a little Orly Shinning Star for some cinnamon/pie filling glisten and a dollop of BarryM Coconut for the ice cream. This pie is a little over cooked, so it's a bit more brown but it still tastes fabulous! (I wouldn't recommend eating it, seriously though, don't. Do you see how 3D-ish the pie is? So many many layers of polish).
I hope you enjoyed your meal and remember to tip your waitress. Don't forget to follow the InLinkz below if you are still hungry and check out what the rest of our kitchen staff has cooked up. And don't forget to check out Instagram account @digitaldozen for a full run through later in the day!
Please Come Again,

* thank you Amanda from Lady Maid Nails for the layout of this post!