Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I've Got Stuff to Do and.......oh! Pinterest!

Oh my goodness. As I am writing this post I seriously just got distracted for 15 minutes pin jumping. The topic? Pinterest itself. Yep. I pinned some and liked some and looked down and saw it had been like 15 minutes. Geesh. Yeah, just counted 19 new liked pins, that's not counting the ones I did pinned, on the topic of Pinterest alone. 

Who knew that someday there would be a this great and wonderful system that we could look over and get distracted by! I wish I had, man I could have made some money! :)

I remember when Pinterest was just starting! Yep, showing my age here (hahahaha!). Seriously though, at the beginning (ok, anyone else just sing that Anastasia song? Now you did huh!) you had to be invited to Pinterest. (ok, I know you can still invite, but this was like you had to have one). Yep. No signing up willy nilly like. Well, you could but you were put on a waiting list that could take months! Months! Crazy.

I don't remember the blog I first heard of Pinterest. She was handing out invites and could only give out so many. I asked for one. Didn't get one. Sad face! But then found someone else handing out these golden tickets and lo and behold I was a member! I was part of that exclusive club that was Pinterest. 

I would tell my friends about Pinterest and they would look at me like I was crazy. They just didn't understand. The OCD in me was so happy to have a visual bookmarking system! No, really, you should see my bookmarks on my computer, folders in folders etc. Ooh! Pinterest needs sub-boards! Boards within boards or boardception!

So I just check on some of my oldest boards for the oldest pins. I've been on Pinterest since 2011. Four years? Huh? It was launched in 2010. Wow, it totally seems like it's been around so much longer! But see, I was near the beginning. When it was starting to really get big I had friends ask me how I could only have my first name for my profile. When I signed up you didn't need your full name. Now it looks like you can change it, but why fix something when it ain't broke.

I also remember when my friends and family members finally joined and they were so excited to share pins and I was like, yep-saw that a year ago. I remember when you kept seeing the same pins each time because there weren't a lot of users. But now? Good golly! New pins every second that my feed updates itself (grrrrrr! I hate when I lose my spot and have to restart because it refreshes!).

Ah yes. Remember when there was a time in which Pinterest didn't tell you you had already pinned an item? Oh I didn't like that, I think that was one of the best updates ever! Though I still see some duplicates on my boards (le gasp!). Also, that feeling of did I pin this already because I don't want others to see I have double pinned something. You know that feeling right? So you like the pin and check your board and either pin or unlike it so that you look awesome! Would this be like pin-shaming? 

Good old Pinterest (well, not as old as I once thought, though I knew it couldn't be really old). Seriously, what would we do without you? We now have new lingo because of it. We now know how to tie scarves 22 different ways and how to fix a scratched CD with a banana (uh?) and fix cavities with butter (say what?) Be careful what you pin. *Think before you re-pin!* Seriously though, this is a pet peeve of mine (and I'm guilty of it).

But I really do try to click through the pin to see if it's an actual live pin with truthful info, unless it's a photo like this:

And then I sit there and laugh out aloud, alone, at midnight. Wow. Yep. Sorry for the cuss word, I try not to use them but I have a whole secret board that my sister, niece, and I share with pins that we find that some of our followers wouldn't approve. So we read them together until we are crying!

Ah Pinterest. Thank you so much for being you!

So the reason for this post was why I haven't been posting so much. Well, truthfully? I get distracted and I blame Pinterest. Yep. It's all Pinterest's fault.

Hope you enjoyed this um random post. :)

PS: Don't get me started on being on Facebook when you HAD to have a .edu email to be allowed on. No thirteen year olds then! Or when the status updates had to be in third person: Kirsten is...trying to figure out the wording for this awkward status update for her facebook.