Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Face in the Mirror

Yikes! Extreme close up! I am not one who likes their picture taken. Never have. This is me. Exactly one month until I turn 34. I can't really complain because I know I don't look my age.

I generally don't look in the mirror that often. Usually it's in the morning when I put my makeup on and then a few times during the day (especially if I have a cold, gotta make sure no one sees anything!) and then at night when I wash my face. I'll go for hours with a bit of mascara under my eye and on my glasses (why does no one tell this?).

I've never been completely happy with the face in the mirror, seriously who is? We are all our own worst enemies. I put my makeup on and think it looks fabulous only to have no one take notice. This photo above was taken with my iPhone, then lightened a bit. I did no other editing (ok, added a watermark). I think the softness is most likely a blur from my phone. :) My skin doesn't really look like that super soft.

There have been times when I've looked in the mirror too long, and that is never a good thing. A long mirror look will get me to picking, and then I'll be there for a while. So I limit my time. I'm trying to be better. There are still a few spots that are bothering me, up near my hairline on my forehead.

Will there come a day in which I will be happy with what I see? Probably not. Is anyone ever really be happy with what they see?  We just need to accept who we are and what we look like. We can do things that can "enhance" or "improve" our looks but the real beauty will only happen once we are truly happy with ourselves and the beauty will shine from within.

And any time I think about these things I laugh because this is what is running through my head:

What do you all think about these types of posts that I am doing. I like these prompts as they have helped me to learn to express myself better on my blog, they take away some of the stress of having to do nails everyday (which I still love, but not always enough time), and they really make me think and put things in perspective.

I hope you will all stay around, nail art is not going anywhere I just need to figure out a way to balance it all. But I did do two manis for next week's Digit-al Dozen theme yesterday! :)
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