Friday, February 6, 2015

I Use to Think.........

Ok, so when I was a kid I use to think some really crazy things. Didn't we all?

1. What if people were like dolls. Like they wouldn't become alive/animated until I walked into the room. They only would be doing things when I was around.
- how very egocentric of me. :)

2. What if cars were on a conveyor belt and just shifted around to get on and off the freeways.
- I saw my thoughts come to life in Minority Reports (and pretty much any futuristic show)

3. I use to think I would grow up, get married, and become a mother.
- well, we all know how that went (seriously guys? Hello! I'm alive and single!)

4. I use to think that if you put your study notes under your pillow the night before a test you would absorb some of the knowledge.
- now, did I really? Eh, not so much, but when it came to math any help would do!

5. I use to think because I had brown eyes I saw things with more of a browner hue than those without brown eyes.
- I now come to find out my eyes are more of a hazel.

6. I use to think my eyes were brown
- hee-hee!

7. I use to think that The New Kids on the Block were the best band ever!
- well, they are still touring.......

8. I use to think my dolls and stuffed animals would come to life in the middle of the night if I didn't say goodnight and I love you to each one, every night.
- watch way too many Twilight Zones, Talking Tina anyone?

9. I use to think that the name brand on clothing matter and would get me into the "cool" group.
- nah! It just makes you have less money (unless you find them at a thrift store!). I am not adverse to wearing brands that aren't "in". I am currently and have been for a while, rocking Wal-Mart jeans. Yep, it's true.

10. I use to think that if you had any part of your body out of the covers (beside your head, and especially hanging off the bed!) something would get you.
- who am I joking? My body is still trained to do this. I must have the sheets all the way up to my chin no matter the weather!

What did you use to think?

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