Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Patterns on Patterns: Bleep Bloop Bloop Bleep!

Bleep bloop bloop bleep! That means I love you in robot! :) Today I have some stamping, not just double stamping, no no, that's child's play, I have triple stamping (that's right I'm playing with the big boys now! *cue Prince of Egypt Steve Martin and Martin Short song).

I started out with this glorious SpaRitual polish Nomad (sandy matte shimmer!). Look at the flecks in there! Ooo-weee! She's a beaut! I then proceeded to goop up my cuticles with hair glue. I use a little plastic spatula that you use to get creams out of jars. You know, those sample ones that Sephora gives you or that you see at Ulta. 

I stamped using the beautiful Briar Rose by A England. I've been using my Creative Shop big huge stamper and I'm in love! I used MoYou Sailor 03. Thank goodness for the goo!

Next I added what ended up looking like holographic spiderwebs using Color Club Cherubic and Bundle Monster BM-316. It's like a laser show!

Finally ended up added some adorkable love bots from MoYou Sci-Fi 02 and A England Saint George. I did top it off with HK Girl Top Coat and *le gasp* shrinkage! Say what? HK Girl has never done this to me before. So sad! I mean, I guess I can't really wrap my tips when I have no free edge now can I? :)

Ack! Giant thumb! D'aw but cute little love bot.

I really liked this mani but I think I really liked the base stamping photos best. But a little love bot love never hurt anyone! Am I right?

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