Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Nail Challnge Collaborative Presents Recreate You First Four Nail Designs: Orange

Day 2 of The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents Recreate Your First Four Nail Designs! And continuing with my 31 Day Challenge from 2012 I give you Orange!

I don't own that many oranges and the ones I do have I don't use that often. I think I need to change that, because I love how this turned out!

I used two coats of China Glaze Papaya Punch, I then layer one good coat of Sparitual Invention on three nails with OPI In True Stefani Fashion on my ring finger. I used Poshe Top Coat to seal it all together! I am loving this! It's a perfect fall mani! The Sparitual is stunning!

Ok, now here is the Orange mani from my 31 Day Challenge in 2012!

Hahahahaaha! I love it! This mani was really pretty in real life but the photo is blurry and that hand position? Alien fingers!

 Ok, I am kind of liking this challenge theme, I am able to see how far I've come and it makes me feel good!

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