Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Barielle Summer 2014: Keys Collection Review

Guess what! I have the newest collection from Barielle to show you today! It is called the Keys Collection, it "celebrates the warm, sun-filled, tropical beach days enjoyed all over the world. These beautiful, creamy, high-fashion colors set the mood for paradise vacations" (Barielle Press Release).

Let's get to the polishes shall we? *picture heavy*

Hawaiian Sunset: "a shimmery orange". Might I add a gorgeous orange? I'm not a huge fan of, it's one of the colors that I have the least of. But if I'm going to wear an orange, it's gotta be like this! This is so pretty!

I mean, seriously. Check this out! This is two coats of Hawaiian Sunset and one layer of Barielle Top Coat. I could have probably gotten away with just one coat of Hawaiian Sunset.

Money shot! Just look at that shimmer! Great formula! Can't wait to use this polish again! I now have an orange that I love!

Topless in St. Tropez: "a creamy pink with a hint of coral". I would say coral, period, with a lovely shimmer!

This is a very pretty, feminine color. Fabulous formula! This is also two coats and one layer of top coat. And again, I could have probably gotten away with just one coat!

This is with the flash on. I really wanted to get a truer color and show of the shimmer a bit more! Pretty huh!

Paradise in the Tropics: "a deep fuschia". This is a beautiful deep rich pigmented color! 

Guess what? This is one coat! One! That's how seriously pigmented it is! It's gorgeous! It also has one layer of top coat.

Sorry this one is a bit grainy I used my flash to show the creamy beautiful color!

Panama Pina Colada: " a creamy, soft mellow yellow". A beautiful yellow! Mellow? Not really, more bright on me! Sort of turns my hands a bit red, but I still think it's really pretty!

This is two coats (one coat of top coat), which is normal for a yellow polish since they tend to be a bit of a tricky formula. But, as far as yellows go, this formula was still really lovely. And the color is really pretty!

Here it is with the flash. See how my hand is a bit redder? But still, look at that gorgeous cream of a yellow! 

Miami Heat: "a sheer jelly red". A very squishy gooey red! Look at that vibrant color!

Two coats and check it out, barely any visible nail line! It does have one layer of top coat, but it was still super shiny without the topcoat! Great formula for being a sheer, no pooling or anything!

Just look how squishy it is! Can't wait to use this in jelly sandwiches and stamping!

Barefoot in Bermuda: "a creamy hot pink". Exactly what it is! A stunning creamy gorgeous hot pink!

And guess what? This is only one coat (with top coat of course)! Stunner! I love this color! So bright and fun and so perfect for summer!

Here it is with the flash to really show you that it is hot pink! So bright I might need some sunglasses! :)

And finally, here is my Barielle Keys Collection Dotticure, featuring all six colors with Topless in St. Tropez as my base. A fun and bright summer mani that anyone can achieve!

Overall, I love each polish in this collection! Some are colors that I didn't have many of so I am grateful for these new additions! 

All of Barielle polishes contain no formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl-phthalate, camphor, or formaldehyde-resin. They are 0.45 fl oz (13.3ml) and are suggested retail at $8.00. You can find them at

I am still using the Nail Strengthener Cream, the Intensive Nail Renewal Oil that I received for my first review.
** I just want to say that I decided to use all Barielle products in these swatches. So since I did not request a base or top coat from them I decided to purchase my own with my own money. I chose to buy Fortifying Nail Builder with Calcium Fluoride and Ultra Speed Dry Manicure Extender
The order that I chose has nothing to do with how much I like them I like to go in the order that are listed on the paper they send with the polishes. :)
You can find out more about Barielle's products by visiting:
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So which of these were your favorite?