Friday, June 13, 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does Metal Week: Sheet Metal inspired by Missy from Gnarly Gnails

Day 5, final day of Metal Week for The Digit-al Dozen. Also, for some of us, a tribute day for an amazing woman. This woman has been there from the beginning. She is the face behind the graphics that we use for The Digit-al Dozen, the face behind my blog layout/graphics, she is the face of a very best polish friend of mine. This wonderful amazing talented woman is Missy from Gnarly Gnails

She is such a gracious fabulous person. I've known Missy for awhile now and she continues to blow me away with each new mani. Her take on themes are uniquely her own! I love the way she thinks outside the box and pushes the boundaries of said box. 

Sadly, she has left The Digit-al Dozen, for now; I am hoping not for good. A little piece of my heart broke when she told us. But life unfortunately happens (doesn't life know that polish comes first and foremost?). She is still blogging, she just needed to scale back on some items. But so help me, if I ever get to out Missy! I'm coming to get ya! :)

Today I "attempted" (and I use that word loosely) her fabulous sheet metal mani from Texture Week. Mine look like metallic tumors! Bleh! Oh, and this is the second attempt! Say what? Yep, I actually totally did this mani a few days previous and wow did it suck worse, so you get this one! 

I used Milani Shady Gray Texture Polish (two layers) to create the tumors bumps. After it dried I sealed it with Posh Top Coat. Then I used a thin coat of Nail Savvy Chrome followed by Poshe Top Coat. I don't know how Missy does it. Her manis are always so perfect, flawless, and unique! I love her to death and will miss seeing her every month with the themes! But I can still stalk bug her on her blog until she returns! Muwah!

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