Saturday, February 22, 2014

Baroness of Glitter Review

So I was recently contacted by Demi of Baroness of Glitter to do some reviews of a few of her polishes. Sadly I had to put it on hold do to health reasons. I want to thank Demi for being so understanding! And for creating some really fabulous polishes! Let's take a look, shall we?

*Warning: Picture Heavy! :)

This is Aura, multichrome topcoat that shifts from green to blue to purple to magenta. This is one coat of Aura over Wet 'n Wild Black Creme. Just look at that color! I love the shimmer in this top coat!

As many of you know, capturing multichromes on camera are a bit difficult. But trust me when I say, all the colors that it's suppose to shift to are there! But let's see some more photos.


Aura is such a gorgeous top coat! And the! Ah-mazing! It spread nicely and honestly I had to make sure to get all the excess polish off my brush before using it! It just really wanted to be on my nails! :)

Next up we have Tyrian Purple, one coat over Wet 'n Wild Black Creme. First off, look at her labels! Aren't they just awesome! Love! Now look at this glitter, then look at the bottle, now look at my nails, gorgeous! (I'm kidding, it just felt like an Old Spice moment there!). 

"Tyrian purple is the most expensive color since the ancient times. This is one of the beautiful and eye-popping colors. It is also known as ‘imperial purple’.

The royal color was used by emperors and kings of classical relic, including Alexander the Great, the Ptolemaic kings and the emperors of Rome.

The color is natural, and made from snail shells from the murex mollusk, a type of sea snail. It would take 250,000 murex shellfish to attain one ounce of Tyrian purple, so the dye was highly valued." source

This is just a really beautiful glitter! It has squares, hexes, and circles! Win! And I love the glowing quality of it.

Here's a back shot of the bottle so you can see the polish. It is a purple and gold glitter topper. It almost looks like deep space!

Here is one coat of Tyrian Purple over OPI Funky Dunkey. Love it!

Using Tyrian Purple over this OPI really punches the all the colors. When over black you really saw the glowing-ness of the polish. But over purple, the other colors really pop!

The formula on this was perfect! No fishing for glitter! They were just so happy to be swept up and put on my nails for all to see!

This is Karma, a multichrome topcoat that shifts blue to purple to red. It is actually a part of the Astralcolor Duo with Aura from above! This is one coat over Wet 'n Wild Black Creme.

I really love how deep this blue is! Again it's all super shimmery! And again, all the color shifts are there, just, you know, camera shy.

Like the other two polishes, Karma's formula was just perfect, smooth like buttah!

She is 5-Free and cruelty free! And I saw on her site that she is currently have a 10% off sale for a limited time! Don't know when that is so get over there quickly! :)
 Get 10% off your entire order over $10 (excluding S&H), use code "10OFF".

You can check out these and other polishes on the Baroness of Glitter's sites:

These are also her shops:



  1. fabulous swatches! so glad to see you getting a little of your groove back xxx

  2. OMG I love the swatches! Thanks for doing them, I especially love that you did two different colors under "Tyrian Purple". :)

    1. You're welcome! Thank you so much so much for allowing me to swatch such awesome polishes!

  3. Very pretty colors and her prices are very reasonable, especially considering a lot of these colors are so multifaceted and have nice glitter! Will definitely check out her store, awesome review.

  4. very pretty polishes and great swatches, Kirsten! Have you tried photographing duochromes underwater?

    1. Thanks! I have actually but I can never make them look good. Maybe my sink isn't big enough? :)

  5. All the colors in Aura are gorgeous! And I love the glitter too!


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