Friday, March 15, 2013

TGIF and Indie Month Day 15 and The Digit-al Dozen Does Geek - It's a Me Mario!

Day 5 (and final day) (so sad to see this week end!) of The Digit-al Does Geek (and still continuing my Indie Month) and it is also TGIF: Thank Goodness, Indy Indie Friday! So I have a fabulous Indie for you: Dollish Polish: It's a Me Mario!

First I started out with two coats of Illamasqua Scorch. Thank you Sephora in JC Penny for having these on sale! Such a pretty white and nice formula!

Here is one coat of Dollish Polish It's a Me Mario. Red and blue glitter with holo stars! How perfect! Now, the red and blue glitter applied very nicely. But I did have to fish for the stars (haha, that's sounds funny!). But you know what, I am not a huge fan of shaped glitter, so I am alright with that! :)

Here is two coats of It's a Me Mario. Oh no, the star I fished out got covered. Have to fish out another! :) But holy cow did I find my 4th of July mani for this year!

I did the same things for the Mario images as I did for my Zelda ones. Printed off small pictures (sized to my nails) and painted over them on a page protector.

I used OPI Candelight and China Glaze Lemon Fizz for the star with Wet N Wild Black Creme and Milani White on the Spot. For the pipe plant I used Catrice King of Greens, China Glaze Starboard, Zoya Sooki, and Milani White on the Spot. For the bullet I used Wet N Wild Black Creme, Zoya Sooki, and Milani White on the Spot.

I just love how this one turned out! So fun, just like the many many games! I remember playing Super Mario Bros when we first got our Nintendo! Had a blast!

Bottle shot of Dollish Polish It's a Me Mario.

You can buy this polish for $8.75 over at Dollish Polish's store.
Don't forget to check out Dollish Polish Facebook page to be kept up-to-date.

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