Monday, March 18, 2013

Liquidus Nail Gloss Spring Collection Review and Discount Code!

Today I thrilled to be able to review three amazing polishes from Liquidus Nail Gloss' Spring Collection! (and still continuing my Indie month!) Check out the 100% biodegradable packaging that Danielle uses! I love the slogan of "enjoy some fingernail fashion with a clear conscience). How awesome is that!

First up we have a bottle (and macro bottle shot) of Amethyst. Most of Liquidus' polishes are based on rocks and minerals. Obviously this is inspired by the mineral Amethyst. And it is a perfect spring color!

Here is one coat of Amethyst. This is a purple polish with a pink shimmer. There is so much awesome pink shimmer that sometimes it even seemed to be duochrome! This is taken with a flash.

Here is two coats of Amethyst. This polish applied like a dream! So smooth and easy! I love it! And the color!? So Spring-y and Easter-y! Can't go wrong!

Next up is Moonstone (bottle and macro bottle shot). Ok, my first thought was hello Cinderella color! Hahaha! I love it! It is inspired by the iridescent blueish gemstone, Moonstone. Also has some micro holographic glitter!

One coat of Moonstone here and my camera is already wiggin' out over the gorgeousness of this polish. Look at how it glows! So icy and fresh! This is taken with a flash.

Two coats of Moonstone just increases the depth and glow of this polish! Again, the polish applied wonderfully! No issues! Such an awesome Spring color!

And last but not least, Stichtite (bottle and macro bottle shot). I got excited for all of these polishes but especially excited for this one! This one is so unique in my collection, I love it! It is inspired by the mineral Stichtite that has lime and purple flecks.

Here is a picture of Stichtite, because I was curious as to what it was! :)

Here is a layer skittle of Stichtite. (l-r) Four coats, 3 coats, 2 coats, 1 coat. This is a totally build-able jelly! As you can see the green base just gets more awesome as it builds! And you know what? No glitter fishing what so ever! Bah! I love it! It has some hex and square glitter too! Win!

Here is one coat of Liquidus Stichtite over China Glaze Def Defying. Just look at all that glitter! So much fun and so perfect for spring!

Wow! This collection is amazing! The formula fabulous! There are two more in the Spring line. A full size polish costs $9 where a mini is $6.

And guess what! Danielle has sent me a discount code for you my lovely Owlet readers! Just use GeekyOwl10off to get 10% off on your purchase over at Liquidus Nail Gloss etsy shop. This code is good for 10 days from today, so act fast! :)

*The product in this post was sent to me for review and contains my honest opinion and are completely my own opinion.*