Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does Summer: Haboob!

Day four of The Digit-al Dozen Does Summer and I bring you a Haboob! A hab-what? A Haboob is an intense dust storm. And let me tell you, I hate them!

First, let me tell you how my pretty Haboob was formed. I used China Glaze Electric Beat for my sky and China Glaze Starboard for my grass (which I dabbed on). I then stamped using MoYou Sailor 03 for the different swirls of dust. I wanted to show the Haboob from thick dust to lighter dust. I stamped using Konad Brown and Color Club Cherubic. I sealed it with Poshe top coat. Pretty right?

But a Haboob isn't pretty and shiny. So I used Essie Matte About You to make it dusty.

I really hate Haboobs. They are one of my triggers for anxiety. Below I have posted a few videos, they are a bit long, but if you've never seen one then you should watch. Because even though I hate them, they are awesome (and not the totally awesome kind of awesome, but the awe-inspiring, frightening awesome) to watch.

I did not film these and I don't advise holding your phone/camera while driving in these (or at all!). You are to pull over off the road a ways and come to a stop, turn off your lights, and take your foot off the brakes (this way no one follows you and crashes into you). I don't like these.

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