Monday, January 20, 2014

#2014 Blogger Challenge: Skincare

Wait a minute! Hold up! Stop the presses. This is not technically a nail polish post! 

What the dump? You ask yourself.

Do not fret or frown because it's time for the bi-weekly #2014 Blogger Challenge!

Trumpets bursting forth in triumphant flare! Doo do do do do dooooo!

Let Operation Skincare commence in 5...4...3...2...1!

The above photo shows my daily morning regiment. For the longest time (oh oh ooooh, for the longest) (sorry that song got stuck in my head), I used Aveeno and loved it. But I kept have dry patches on my face. So I decided to finally try a Clinique 3 step sample pack that I had. And I fell in love! 

So in the morning I have a small version of the soap that I use on my face in the shower. Granted I don't always use soap on my face in the mornings, sometimes it is just water. Don't know why I do this but it seems to work.

I then get out of the shower lotion using whatever Suave Lotion I have there (got a ton back when I was couponing, and I really like them). I do my hair and then I finally use Step 2 the Clarifying Lotion. I use this after I do my hair and spray my hairspray so that I can wipe it all off with a little cotton pad and the clarifying lotion. While that is drying I put on deodorant (such details I am telling you!) and then I use Step 3 Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. I love this stuff! They've even made a new formula!

After that I apply Clinique Super Defense Lotion. I use this to add extra moisture to my dry skin, it lasts a bit longer than the Step 3 PLUS it has SPF 20! This is a must in Arizona where I live. It should be a must everywhere! 

And finally I use Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm SPF 20. I really love this stuff. It's slightly tinted and is very cooling when you put it on. Like it has menthol of something. I love the way it feels going on! :) After that I put on my makeup and I'm done.

Look! Hand stuff! I am a lotion hoarder, seriously. I love buying lotions. But these are the ones that are my go-to right now for my hands. Hempz is really light and refreshing and moisturizes really well. And heck, I got that huge bottle free! Thank you Ulta points! :)

Ahava Mineral Hand Cream is a heavier thicker hand cream which really coats my hands and makes them all soft! OPI Avojuice is just yummy! It's kinda of thin, but I still like it and I love the smell! And finally the holy grail of all nail care (for some people) Lush Lemony Flutter a whipped cuticle butter that rubs in all nice and smoogy. I can feel my cuticles sucking it up. A plus is that it smells like Pez candy! :)

As for my night time I use Clinique Step 1, 2, and 3. But if things are really bad, like now in winter, I pull out the big guns.....

This is Walmart brand Aquaphor. Way cheaper than the name brand and just as good! I slather this on my face focusing in the dry areas (so mainly just my cheeks, chin, and nose). I slather it on my feet and put on socks when I go to bed. I also coat my hands and wear little mittens to keep my hands soft.

This stuff is really good for healing sores too, like zits on your face, or hangnails. It works for me.

Well, that was my ridiculously long skincare regime. Do you use any of this stuff? Do you like it? 

Operation Skincare completed!


  1. And this is why perhaps I am starting to age. I cannot even fathom. I'm doing well to remember to moisturize every day! LOL but it pays off, honey. You're gorgeous!

  2. I use Clinique also, and I LOVE the pomegranate Hempz. It smells amazing!


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