Thursday, August 1, 2013

ABC: F is Orly Fowl Play, KleanColor Fashionista, and China Glaze Fairy Dust and a FAIL!

Today is brought to you by the letter F: Orly Fowl Play, KleanColor Fashionista, and China Glaze Fairy Dust. F is also for FAIL! Hahahaha! I attempted a saran wrap mani........totally chose the wrong colors! I used China Glaze Fairy Dust to help camouflage it! :)

Started with Orly Fowl Play. So pretty! Look at all those flakies! Looks like a melted grape popsicle on my fingers! This is where I should have ended the mani. Nope, I was feeling like trying something new. Bah!

Here you can sort of see the saran wrap mani effect. I should have chosen better colors. As much as I love KleanColor Fashionista (love baby poop greens!) it doesn't look nice on your fingers and cuticles when it doesn't come straight off with acetone cleanup! Hahahaha! I was able to get most of it off but for a while....ew! :)

I really do want to try this technique again, but I will try to have at least one bright color. I think that is why this failed, they were too dark. Put that one into the book to remember what not to do! :)


  1. Ooh, I'd love that green on it's own but the saran wrap isn't that pretty with these colors I agree. I would go with bright colors and cremes or shimmers :)

    1. I think I am going to try it with brighter colors next time. Thank you! :)


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