Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weekend Haul!

Today was suppose to be my Teal Tuesday post but I was sick all day yesterday and had to work yesterday so I put together this quick post of what I bought over the weekend.

(l-r): OPI Samoan Sand (so happy I found this! Now I can do more Jelly Sandwiches not using white!), Agent Lavender (a purple grey, and nothing like the blue that shows up here!). The last two polishes are a new brand to me, though I have seen them swatched before. They are Sation polishes. The first one is Videogame Vixen which is a clear base with black and silver glitter in micro and small hexes! The second one Band Beauty which is a clear base with multi-colored micro and small hexed glitters. Some of the hexes are even holo-like!

Micro bottle shot of Sation Videogame Vixen. Loving this glitter and the name! :)

Micro bottle shot of Sation Band Beauty. Sorry it's a bit blurry. Nothing wanted to work out today. But I'm loving this glitter too! It's more of the pastel multi-colors and not the basic primary multi-colors.

Also bought some glitters to play around with so see if they hold up to polish! This is a bronze micro glitter.

Another thing of glitter to play with! Bronze hex glitter. I'm really lemming a brown glitter and these are the closest I could find. I hope the don't bleed or curl! I just need to buy some base and I will keep you updated!

Oh, what's this? Could it possibly be the newest Bundle Monster plate set? Why yes, yes it is! Woot woot! I'm so excited to try them! This is my first Bundle Monster set!


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