Monday, June 4, 2012

Nail Mail Monday!

So today you get see what stalking how stalking etsy shops pays off! I finally got some polishes that I have been wanting! :)

First up, look at this cutely wrapped little present! Love the unique touch of it's wrapping! What's inside? What could it be?

Three amazingly gorgeous glitters from Once Upon a Polish!!! Under the Sea, The Beanstalk, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Macro bottle shot of Once Upon a Polish Under the Sea. It is a clear base with holo blue hex and holo silver square glitters! Love this!!

 Macro bottle shot of Once Upon a Polish The Beanstalk. Clear base with green, silver, and holo glitters! Green glitter! Yes please! This is the one that I wanted really bad! So happy that I got it! I stalked her facebook page too in order to find out when she was selling this. You should check out her facebook page to get all current updates: Once Upon a Polish

Macro bottle shot of Once Upon a Polish Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Clear base with black hex glitters, black shredded glitters, white hex glitters, and silver holo hex glitters! An awesome twist on the black and white glitter top coat!

Don't forget to check out Once Upon a Polish's etsy store here and her facebook page here!

What is this? What on earth could these be, all tightly wrapped in a sheet of bubble wrap each? Could it be! Is it so? Are they really the two polishes that I never ever thought I would ever own....ever!?

Yes it is!!!!! A England's Saint George and Dragon!!!! Oh my flippin' goodness! These are more lovely in real life! I really couldn't stop staring at them after I opened them! :)

Macro bottle shot of A England Saint George. A gorgeous deep teal holo shimmer!

Macro bottle shot of A England Dragon. Perfect name for this amazing green shimmer!

I got these two A England's from Llarowe. Visit the facebook page here and the shop here.

And last but certainly not least is this lovely gorgeous glitter from Candy Lacquer called High Tide. Wow!

See, wow! Macro bottle shot of Candy Lacquer High Tide. Clear base with bar, hex and square glitters in shades of blue and green including turquoise, teal, chartreuse and moss. It was the word chartreuse that made this a done deal! :)

Go check out Candy Lacquer's facebook page here and etsy shop here.


  1. Love them. Love them ALL!!! You have to do some major swatching :P

  2. Those A-Englands are totally on my wish list.. they're so darn pretty!

  3. Whoa, they're all pretty amazing. Great polishes! :)

  4. so happy you finally got your paws on some a-Englands xxx

  5. know what ya mean about the a englands. my jaw about hit the floor when i opened my st. george up.


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