Monday, September 15, 2014

Review: Mont Bleu Nail Files

So about a month ago I received an email from Mont Bleu asking if I would like to review some items, specifically glass nail files. I looked into the company and thought they were really pretty files. I accepted the offer to review some products. All they asked was what colors I preferred, I told them green. But little did I know how amazing these were going to be and how great a company Mont Bleu was!

First, let's look at the two files they sent for me to review. The bigger file is 5.32 inches long and is called Waterfall Color Green (WC-M12). The smaller on is 3.54 inches long and is called Waterfall Green (W-S12). They both feel really sturdy too. As you can see they both come in nice velvet cases so the file doesn't snag on anything when you carry them around in your purse!

Look how pretty! I love the colors and the Swarovski crystal elements! Mont Bleu glass files have a lifetime guarantee on the filing surface. They are made of Czech tempered glass and can be cleaned by running them under the water. Before I got these I was using the Sephora brand glass file and I like these Mont Bleu files a lot more. I feel that they are a finer grit and file more smoothly. Also, hello, I look fabulous when I file because of the bling! I would totally recommend these files! They are about the same price as the Sephora one, the larger file running around $12 US.

Also in the box was a pair of tweezers! Squee! It matches my files! This is Simple Green 1 Tweezers (CT-01.5). Made of stainless steel with a slanted tip.

I have been using the same ol' Revlon tweezers for over 15 years! Eeks! I feel really special because these are so pretty and fancy! And they work great too!

And that wasn't all they sent! This is a beautiful compact mirror (please excuse my light box reflection!). This compact (Circle silver "Sun" Peridot ACSP-01.4) is made of plastic but is very sturdy with a standard mirror and a magnifying mirror. It is 3.31 by 2.91 inches. Perfect carrying size! All the crystals seem to be really glued on, so that's good! And again, all my products match! How cool is that!?

Isn't it purdy! 

And last but not least there in the box were a pair of earrings! Gorgeous Austrian Crystal Earrings (EMB11.3) with Swarovski elements! Hypo-allergenic metal and 0.24 inches. These are so beautiful! The colors are just so rich and deep! I get a lot of compliments when I wear these to work! I love that they have so many colors in them (hence rainbow) and are a change from my normal clear crystal earrings that I wear. These really dress up an outfit! :)

Thank you so much to Mont Bleu for sending me such wonderful products to review! The quality of your products are fabulous!

If you want to see all the great and wonderful nail files, tweezers, mirrors, earrings, and more that they sell please visit: Mont Bleu (they have some really beautiful manicure sets!)