Thursday, April 18, 2013

China Glaze: Galactic Gray and Cosmic Dust

Today I have the two new China Glaze Holographics for you: Galactic Gray and Cosmic Dust. These are my first China Glaze Holos!

The picture above is taken indoors with artificial light (my Ott Lite). It is also two coats of each polish. Galactic Gray shows the holo flash much better than Cosmic Dust (which seemed to be too shiny for the camera!).

Here it is in the sun. You can still see the holo flash in Galactic Gray the best, but now Cosmic Dust is flashing a bit! ;)

As you can see, Cosmic Dust shows more of the ridges in my nails than Galactic Gray. Oh well, truth be told I got Cosmic Dust more for stamping and accents than for full on manis! I hear they stamp nicely! I'll have to give them a try and let you know!

Have you tried the new holos yet? What are your opinions?


  1. I really like Galatic Gray. I was very unimpressed with them in the bottle but once I got one on my nails I liked it a lot better. I haven't even thought of stamping with them yet!

  2. They both look pretty! A US swap girl picked up the whole collection for me, can't wait to get them :D

    1. Thank you! Can't wait to see what you do with them! :)


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