Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Mani of 2011 and Beginning of a Blog

So I decided to give this nail blogging a whirl! We will see how it goes and if anything comes from it. 
This mani I did to play around with my stamps. My stamps have been neglected the past little while, but I have joined a facebook group, Adventures in Stamping, and now I feel the urge to stamp again. I decided also to test some other polishes for stamping. I found out that Orly polish works well!
I think that I am loving Orly right now. I'm still pretty new to the polish world but I really like Orly. My favorite is Nite Owl, for other reasons than just the obvious! The color, the shimmer, so pretty! A rarity happened when doing this mani....I stamped all ten fingers without messing up once! Each stamp transferred to the stamper and to my nail on the first try! Wow! :)

Base Polish: Orly Nite Owl (2 coats)
Stamp Polish: Orly Rococo A-Go-Go
Konad Stamp M63
Seche Vite


  1. Zoya is my most fav, then Orly. I have this color as well. It's a good one.

  2. Love it! I really thought this was a water marble before I read the post! Welcome to the bloggingsphere!


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