Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Digit-al Dozen Does Geek - Week Round Up!

How fitting to end the week no? Such an awesome picture and you know what?! It's a shirt from Ript Apparel, but sadly it has been retired. :(

This week, like I predicted, has been EPIC! If you missed any or didn't get a chance to look them over here is The Digit-al Dozen Does Geek - Week Round Up! Monday


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    1. Thank you! I know! It's ridiculous what everyone did this week!

  2. i never realised that there were so many nail polish addicts like myself! i am just now getting started on my little blog to review polishes, so there are only two posts so far. i love love love the owl thing. i have been obsessed with owls for years! i saw some little owl stencils on someones page, and it led me here. maybe im not seeing it... but where do i go to purchase said stencils? or tape or whatever is used to make the owl art?
    thank you!!!
    please do check out my blog if you have time, i am going to add you to my list :-)

    1. It's crazy how many of us there really are! :) Some of the owls are done free hand. Some are done by water decals (you can buy these on ebay or etsy). And some are done by stamping. There are many nail stamp sets (found on amazon, ebay, and etsy). The stamps are metal plates with the image engraved on it. You apply and then scrape the polish off. You then use a stamper to "pick up" the image and apply to your nail!

      Perhaps I'll make a tab for stamping stores!

      And thank you, I checked out and am following your blog! :)

  3. that shirt is awesome!
    and i have to say, for something i didn't start off overly excited about, geek week was amazing, so fun to do and watch and im sad its over!


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