Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve Mani!

Let's ring in the new year in style! :) While using Rainbow Polish See 3P Ohhh for my TGIF: Thank Goodness, Indy Indie Friday I thought that would make a great new year's eve mani! And so that's what I did! :)

Here I have Color Club Disco Disco Nap (two coats) and Finger Paints Black Expressionism (two coats). I layered one coat of Rainbow Polish See 3P Ohhh.

Such a fun blingy mani! And though it looks as though some of the glitter is curved I didn't noticed it on my nail. I am wondering if it's more of a lighting issue? But after a coat of HK Girl I didn't feel it either. (This photo does not have HK Girl).

Do you have any new year resolutions? Me? I'm still thinking on some. :)

I wish everyone a Happy New Year! May it be safe and just the way you like it! :)

Happy Blogiversary to me plus the winner to my giveaway is announced!

Happy 1 Year Blogiversary to Me! Wow! I made it a whole year! I am so grateful for all of you that have stuck with me through the craziness that is my geeky life! :) I hope to bring you more next year!

Have you noticed the new background to my blog? I like it! :)

Hello new Owlets and Owlets who have been following me for a while (some even from the very beginning!)! I loved reading your extra info! The answers made me smile, thank you so much! I have a few ideas of how to improve things so that you wonderful readers will get to see the types of posts you like!

But first, starting tomorrow, me, Emma from Manicurity, and Jessica from Ruby's Nails are re-doing the 31 Day Challenge! Emma and I did this together last January and we decided we would do it again and see the difference! And Jessica just did this in August and is doing it again (with a new baby!). I'm excited because I literally had just begun blogging when I did this before! Hahaha! I just spent the time to look over my manis from this Some are horrible and some are so fantastic that I don't think I can do better. But try I will! I am so excited! The challenge, though 31 days will go longer. We decided to take the weekends off! (thank goodness!) So our 31 Day Challenge (relaxed version) will extend into February! I am going to try and incorporate as many of my regular posts into the 31 Day Challenge. So still expect an Indie on the Friday challenge.....and I hope (crosses fingers) that I am able to incorporate The Digit-al Dozen into it! >_<

Oh wait? What's this you would like to know the winners of the giveaway? Oh alright, I guess. You did sit here patiently while I rambled! Oh maybe you just scrolled down to this part! ;) Either way....the winner of my Blogiversary Giveaway is:

Congratulations Tabitha H.! (I have emailed her and will give her 48 hours to respond before picking another winner). (Hopefully she responds so I don't have to pick another winner!)

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Friday, December 28, 2012

TGIF: Thank Goodness, Indie Friday - Rainbow Polish See 3P Ohhh

Here is another awesome polish for TGIF: Thank Goodness, Indy Indie Friday! Today we have Rainbow Polish See 3P Ohhh. This gorgeous gold is hard to capture fully on camera, my camera kept wiggin' out! :) I love Geek inspired polishes! We need more! :)


As always: (l-r) 4 coats, 3 coats, 2 coats, and 1 coat. "This C3PO inspired polish starts with a slightly milky white base and a gold glitter dust is added along with small gold holographic glitter and larger gold squares and more". To me I see more of a golden base but that's alright because I love it and I don't really like gold! :)

Here it is over some colors, one coat of See 3P Ohh! (l-r) Essence Romeo, Zoya Sooki, China Glaze Custom Kicks, and China Glaze Trendsetter. Love it over all of them. Custom Kicks looks very Jasmine from Aladdin! :)

I had no issues with this polish. Applied lovely and evenly for me! Such a gorgeous topcoat and is even better in person because it doesn't like my camera :(

Rainbow Polish can be found and bought on her etsy page 
Rainbow Polish also has a big cartel store here
Don't forget to check out her facebook page here.
Don't forget to check out Emma's TGIF post over at Manicurity!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Secret Snowflake Swap!

I'm back! And I didn't lose any photos! So happy! Ok, so today's post is my Secret Snowflake Swap that I got this month. I am part of a swap group and this is out Winter/Holiday themed swap! Nikki gave to me! So the above photo is an overview of the extras I got. A Tardis phone charm, River Song's Journal, Fuzzy socks (wore them on Christmas Day!), Mustache Ice Cube Tray!, and 3 adorable little makeup bags (which were filled with more goodies!).

Can't forget about the candy! Yummy! Most of this is gone now! :)

Here are some of the polishes: OPI Berlin There Done That, OPI French Quarter for Your Thoughts, and Nubar Reclaim! Woot woot! Love all of them!

More polish! Butter London Dosh, Dollish Polish Hylian Princess and The Hero of Time (these are the Zelda Duo)! So many lemmings crossed off my list!

Essence Peel Off Base Coat. I really wanted it to compare with Elmers glue! :)

Nailz Craze plate NC 01! Butterfly, peacock, and dandelion! What's not to love!

Mustache stickers! Too cute! Striping tape!

How adorable is this necklace? Owls and keys? Love both!

More owls! Love this! Wearing this bracelet right now as I am typing this! :)

Ok, now here is the funny part. I was wearing my Tardis shirt when I received this package and got all the Doctor Who stuff! So of course I had to take a photo of that! :)

Thank you Nikki I love it all! :)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Mayan Apocalypse Hits Home

So what's up with my title: The Mayan Apocalypse Hits Home and why are there no photos? Well, do you all remember Y2K when we all thought electronics wouldn't work? Well for me it's the Mayan Apocalypse. >_<

My computer completely died. I have a new hard drive on route to me, but with holidays who knows when I'll get it! :(

I had 3-4 blog post photos all edited and ready to upload for this week and next. But I may have lost all of them including all my photos that I haven't backed up. Thankfully that was only since November 25, 2012. But there is hope, maybe, that I can retrieve them. The guy who diagnosed my laptop said he could see the pictures file so I am hoping we can retrieve them!

But you are using a computer now to create this post --pretty sure that's what you are all thinking right? Well I am borrowing one and I cannot edit any photos on it. :(

So, sadly I will not be having any posts this week. If by some Christmas miracle I can I will have some up for you at the end of this week! But hopefully for sure next week! :)

I am loving all the entries into my blogiversary giveaway! Some of them have made me laugh out loud! I guess I can stalk you guys all over the world with my owl obsession and make you think of me! My evil plan is working! Muwahahahahaha! :)

So I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope to see you all soon!


Friday, December 21, 2012

TGIF: Thank Goodness, Indie Friday - Glimmer by Erica Ho Ho Ho!

So today we have a Christmas TGIF: Thank Goodness, Indy Indie Friday! Today we have another awesome polish from Glimmer by Erica called Ho Ho Ho!

As always: (l-r) 4 coats, 3 coats, 2 coats, and 1 coat. I love this polish with it's classic colors of glitter in "gold holographic micro glitter, red holographic hex glitter, white hex glitter, and black hex glitter, all in a clear base". Perfect Santa Claus colors!

Here is one coat of Glimmer by Erica Ho Ho Ho over Milani White on the Spot, China Glaze Starboard, Essie Power Clutch and Catrice Blue Cara Ciao. I chose some classic holiday colors plus others. I love it over all the colors! This polish went on without any problems! Awesome!

Slightly blurry photo that totally captures the holo glitters! Shiny! :)

Please go over to her Facebook page here to be kept up-to date with her news.
And bookmark her etsy page here so that you can buy her polishes! :)
Don't forget to check out my partner in crime Emma's TGIF post over at Manicurity

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dang it! I've Been Bad...Another Haul!

Yep, I've been bad. Please Santa still bring me gifts, ok? Because I've only been bad about buying more polish! >_<

First up is Sation Stirring Silver and Sephora by OPI I'm So Sari! Bought both of these at Marshalls! Yep, you heard that right. :)

Next we have Milani White On The Spot and Layla Softouch Effects on Mudhattan (11).

Next we have some Indies. Lacquistry Winterberry and Pop Culture Polish Formerly Frosty.

The backs of Lacquistry Winterberry and Pop Culture Polish Formerly Frosty.

A few more Indies: Hit Polish Antique Rose, Patina, and Soldier Boy.

The backs of Hit Polish Antique Rose, Patina, and Soldier Boy.

What's this more Indies? This time it is Rainbow Polish Taffy and Scarab Beetle.

The backs of Rainbow Polish Taffy and Scarab Beetle.

And finally a new Vivid Lacquer plate. This is VL 006.

So excited for my new goodies! Have you been bad this month? :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Bucket List

So this year I feel very Bah-Humbug about Christmas. So I decided to make a Christmas Bucket List to try and get me into the Christmas spirit.

First I need to watch White Christmas. I didn't watch it last year and I was really sad. I love this movie!

I recently bought this movie because I haven't seen it in years. This is going to change. I need some Griswold's in my life this year!

Need to watch a few of the classic Rankin Bass Christmas Classics! Love these movies. So many memories!

Can't forget to add Jack Frost to the Christmas Classic movie list. Many people do, which is so sad! This is a great movie!

Going to bake some Christmas goodies! For as long as I've known we have always made Spritz (though I didn't always love the one with sprinkles only the ones that get those red-hot cinnamon candies!), Russian Tea Biscuits (that's what we call them. I have also seen them called Wedding Cookies or Russian Tea Cakes), and fudge (just the plain yummy stuff on the back of the Jet Puff Marshmallow creme!).

Must also watch Claymation Christmas. We have a really old recording of this that we taped off the TV, but a few years ago I bought it on DVD (one of the best purchases ever!). If you haven't watched this, you need to.

And finally the Garfield Christmas Special is a must in my family! :)

Less than a week to watch all these. Hopefully I can do it! But I think these all create a wonderful recipe for the Christmas Spirit. What about you? What traditions, movies, goodies do you do this time of year?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Liquidus Nail Gloss Review: Pyrite, Lapis, Peanut Wood

So today I get the chance to review three amazing polishes from a new Indie polish brand!

Liquidus Nail Gloss

Where nature meets nail polish.

Liquidus is where crystal meets liquid, where trends meet fashion, where nature meets nail polish. Geology runs in my family so all of our nail polishes are inspired by rocks, gems, and minerals. We hand mix and hand pour every bottle to ensure each one meets our standards. All of our nail polishes are 3-Free (free from Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde and Toluene). And all of our nail polishes ship in ecofriendly packages that can be composted and are 100% biodegradable.

Enjoy some fingernail fashion with a clear conscience!

Here is a photos of how her polishes come wrapped! Love it!
Let's take a look at the polishes:


First up is Liquidus Pyrite. I love Danielle's description of this: "Inspired by the metallic mineral Pyrite. Don't be fooled by this polishes seemingly gold color - the polish changes slightly in the light with hues of green and yellow shimmering through." Her description is spot on! I love this type of polish, the color is amazing!

Here is one coat of Liquidus Pyrite. A bit sheer. But look at the color and the shine! It is a bit streaky but that is normal for a metallic polish. I had no problems with the application of this polish! :)

Here is two coats of Liquidus Pyrite. Opaque in two coats. Look at the shimmer in it! Gorgeous! Love these gold-green polishes, my favorite color! :)

Next up is Lapis. A lovely blue jelly with flakies! "Inspired by the ultramarine blue of the gemstone Lapis. This polish has a jelly like wear and just like the gemstone has blue flakies that shimmer in the light." 

Here is one coat of Pyrite Lapis. A true jelly! You can see some of the flakies hitting the light. This polish applied perfectly, just like a normal jelly.

Here is two coats. Still a a sheer jelly! Can't wait to try this in a jelly sandwich! I love this blue, it is so bright and happy!

This is in indirect sun (kind of cloudy today) so show some of the flakies. Check out my index finger and the flakies that are glowing. In real life the flakies really did shine and glow. But they were a bit camera shy -- sad day! (took a ton of pictures and they just didn't want to play with my camera at all!)

Next we have Liquidus Peanut Wood. I love this one! Don't get me wrong, I love the others too, but something about this unique in my collection! "Inspired by the brown and white speckled petrified wood, Peanut Wood, this polish is similar to its namesake; a brown matte with two sizes of white flakes."

Here is one coat of Liquid Peanut Wood. It is sheer but that's ok, let's bring on some more! :)

Bam! Two coats of Liquidus Peanut Wood. This is the money shot! Wow. I love this! A brown polish with white square glitter? What's not to love? :) Not only does it look like actual peanut wood, but it reminds me of hot chocolate and marshmallows! :)

This is a picture of peanut wood. Very cool huh!

I really love the theme of this brand. Geology theme-based is so awesome...think of all the possibilities! Can't wait to see what else Liquidus will create!
Go over to her Etsy shop and check out the other amazing polishes that Liquidus has to offer! (click name to be sent to her shop).
*The product in this post was sent to me for review and contains my honest opinion and are completely my own opinion.*